LG VX5300 Concise Review

The VX5300 is a welcome update to the popular VX5200. It still has all the same features, but now includes Bluetooth support. It is well constructed for the price, but it is a budget phone. This is evident with the camera being low resolution and the call quality not being as good as other “mid-range” phones
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1. Dave unregistered

Freezes without indication about once a day. While its frozen it refuses calls and you have no way of knowing! Need to re-seat battery to reset phone. All the features in the world don't matter if the phone is dead half the time! Its not just my phone. Use Google to check out this model's problems.

2. Rikimaru unregistered

ok so this is a phone that you need to pamper if you want it to last your entire 2 yr term with verizon. the phone in itself has a great feel to it, however the phone is well known for constantly freezing and even the slightest bit of liquid damage will cause it to break...(liquid damage voids warranty's)

3. ck unregistered

Anyone have a problem with long email addresses in the contacts? Anything longer than about 20 characters gets cut off when stored. So it becomes an unusable address.
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