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LG V30 Review

The V30 is a radical departure from the V10 and V20. Is the V30 really so compelling that shoppers won't miss what didn't make it over from the V20?
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His comment is still waaaaayy out of context here, thumbs be damned. There's a "Tip Us" link for that kind of question... or use one of the iPhone articles.


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Probably they haven't read it, or still writing something about it (that news had just published 2 hours ago, give PA some time) If they didn't write anything by tomorrow, most likely they won't write anything about it at all :v


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Seriously, "We can't say we're huge fans of making lengthy calls on the V30, as the handset's just slightly too wide for really comfortable use when held to your ear" This phone is just barely wider than the S7 Edge it replaces, WTF does slightly too wide to use comfortably mean? Sounds like "calls are really clear, how do we complain about it ... Just say it's too wide to use comfortably, we can't just say it sounds better than an iphone or the pixel."


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Even more interesting is that this point was never brought up in the iPhone 8+ review and that phone is even wider. I'm sure there are others as well. Maybe reaching for some cons here? I'm not an LG fan at all. They are kept alive by Google and LGs broader business ventures at this point. But this is a half decent phone if you like LG.


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This is my first LG phone. So far, I think it is pretty good. I know I'll get slammed, but I like LG's skin better than TouchWiz on the s7 edge.


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I agree. Its the same width as my ZTE Axon-7. Basically this phone is the same size but with a 6" screen!


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I would like to see some actual photos of the screen uneven brightness issues...just to form an opinion.


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Most Interesting thing I read in this review-Google pixel xl 2 take Hdr pics in lesser time in comparison to normal pics.If thats true then its truly great!!!!Kudos to Google!!!! I like Lg phones but Lg must correct that display issues with Lg V30.I like Lg V30 over samsungs S8 and note 8 bcaz I dont like curved displays.Curved displays were very prone to damages and its screen shatters very easily.


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Prone to damages? You ought to own one before saying that.


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Puzzled that there was no review/opinion about the front facing camera. There are lots of people chatting about that in other boards (stating super low quality). I love how I can use some of the other tests and and a phone to comparison (say my Galaxy S7)...wish there were a way to view tested data on the front facing camera and additionally photo comparisons to other flag ships utilizing said camera. Also would have liked to see an in depth review of the unlock options (face unlock, fingerprint, voice, etc) with comparisons to other phones.


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The Display does not have any defects. Maybe the pre-production models had some issues, but any problem that has been put out there I do not see. I own two of them so I wasn't just lucky. I agree the score is a touch low but I do agree that the speaker is just average.


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If you aren't testing your 2 phones in a dark room with grey backgrounds at 0%-20% brightness, then you are double lucky. I've owned a V30 from Verizon for exactly two weeks now, and the screen defects are noticeable. Not necessarily the blotchy, uneven patches, but at those low brightness levels, there are several, dark, fuzzy, horizontal bands across the screen. Above 50%, they are less obvious, but once you see them, you can't unsee them. And yes, I regularly use the screen at 15% at night. Unfortunately, as much as I want to love this phone for all of the other positives and advantages over the new Pixels, it's going back to Verizon today.


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Maybe there are a few bad units out there but most users Including me see no issues and I ran all the tests at 0 brightness in a dark room, etc. My 2 units are great. Sorry you got a bad one.


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Headphone output is ok. Did iphonearena test it in high quality setting?


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So again no full resolution camera samples? whats wrong with you?!


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Just as I thought, it didn't reach a 9 rate mark. Only apple and samsung can have the 9 rate and above. If it's the screen issue that made that big impact on the V30, why Pixel XL2 still managed to get a 9 mark when they both are facing the same issue? As far as the performance is concern V30 can go toe to toe with pixel and note8 whereas they all have the same processor SD835 though optimization varies. Come to think about it, user rating is high as 9.9 but struggling to get past 9 on phonearena. C'mon phonearena give justice and give credit where the credit is due.


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V30 display is gorgeous. Most users love it. Only reviewers seem to have problems. Check it out. Something is up here. I own it and I love it.


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Quality Assurance has always been LG's Achilles Heel.


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Quality Assurance has always been LG's Achilles Heel. Their products look so good on paper and during the initial release, but down the road the issues start. I've had both a G4 and a V20, both of which performed well and were void of any problems. But I would go on forums and see other owners with some heavy duty issues, and I'd wonder if we were talking about the same phone. Well after LG decided to drop all of the features that made them stand apart from the pack in favor of being more Samsung-like with the V30, I decided "might as well cut out the middle man" and got a Note 8. I traded in my trusty G4 for the $300 discount and got a free Gear 360 to boot. So between the wide angle lens of my V20 and the great features/zoom capabilities of the Note 8, I'm a happy camper.


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Better display and front camera WOULD BE PERFECT. Still solid imo.


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So 13 user reviews (including mine) rating is 9.9 and phonearena review is 8.8. The phone is too good to get a mediocre rating of 8.8. The display is gorgeous. Battery life is the best from all the phones that i have used so far. Camera cannot be compared to any other phone in the market. Hi-fi Quad DAC is brilliant. I cant call on a flaw on this phone coz i dont use the front camera. PhoneArena, I honestly feel that the V30 rating you have given is very silly.


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Shame about the display bit I'm still getting one, s year later when it drops acouple of hundred loool. LG Realy need to sort out their QC, they seem incapable of being able to get it together 100%.


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In with you. I'll just wait for blackfriday sales and get mine on the cheap.


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It's disappointing about the screen. If your going to introduce a almost bezeless design, your screen needs to be in point as that's that focal point!!. I haven't had burn in and inconsistent colours since The note 1!


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So, I've been a Motorola Fanboi for the last 6+ years and working in the wireless industry for 7 years now... I Just bought the LG V30 on Tuesday and so far I love it. I was playing with the camera last night and was pretty amazed at how well it can see the stars. The camera features are pretty amazing. Also played with video capture and the HiFi Audio definitely makes a difference when enabled.. Got the phone just in time for a Gorgon City concert in Denver. I expect it will bring rich audio and video for me to show off later... Anyways... My 1st LG. We will see how well it does down the road I guess. But so far, I love it!!


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I bought my V30 on release day from Verizon. I'm totally impressed with it. I think the display is probably the best feature. By far the best display on any smart phone I have owned. Though maybe I should test it at 2% brightness, in a cave, 1200 feet underground at the equator. I hear under those conditions if you squint with one eye open the display might not look right to you.


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I bought a lg fiesta first and last straight talk verizon powered the tower .5 mile and if I hold phone to ear FORGET IT WORST AND LAST ILL EVER OWN.


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Anyone who buys something called "fiesta" and then complains about it deserves to be shot.


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I bit the bullet and got mine last night. The display is really good almost as good as the wifes Note8. And I have yet to experience any problems with mine.


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Does it have always on listening? Can I use"ok Google blablabla" whilst the screen is off?

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