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Thanks to its Bluetooth 3.0 connection, we’re able to maintain a solid connection up to 25 feet with our connected device – a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in this particular case. Turning it on for the first time, the headphones automatically places itself into pairing mode. If that doesn’t commence, we can manually place it into pairing mode by holding down the multi-function talk button and then proceeding to switch it on. Whenever it’s powered on, the headphones audibly tells us its connectivity status and battery life.


Harman Kardon’s signature sound is in full force, as the LG Tone+ Infinim doesn’t disappoint with its excellent audio quality.

Thanks to its Harman Kardon signature sound technology, the LG Tone+ Infinim delivers outstanding audio quality with music playback! You won’t be disappointed at all, thankfully, as audio tones through the earbuds have a crisp, clear, and robust tone. In fact, it doesn’t seem to favor one audio range more than the others – albeit, there’s a subtle amount of bass that accompanies things. It doesn’t drown higher frequencies, really, as the entire audio package has a neutral tone. In typical response, the Harman Kardon signature sound brilliantly achieves acoustic perfection. You won’t be disappointed!

Switching over and using it for phones calls, the ear buds offer a decent amount of suppression when they’re worn – so there are no disturbances due to background noise. With its powerful volume, we’re able to decipher and comprehend every word uttered by our callers. Not only that, but our callers also say they have little issue on their end as well. Overall, the clean toned and succinct voices heard through the LG Tone+ Infinim makes long conversations easy to handle.


LG improves on its battery life too, as the Tone+ Infinim is rated to deliver up to 17 hours of talk time or 14 hours of music play time. Those are serious claims, but we’re delighted to say that we’re able to reach its claim of 14 hours of music listening – while setting its volume to the middle setting most of the time. In our experience, from a completely depleted battery level, it takes roughly 1.5 hours for its battery to be fully charge.


LG might not technically push out yearly upgrades to its popular Tone series of Bluetooth headphones, but the long wait between this and the previous model is well worth the wait – thanks in part to all of the considerable improvements we see in the LG Tone+ Infinim. For the most part, the company doesn’t deviate from the distinct design that the series is known for. However, we really appreciate the updated, sleeker design in combination with the new retractable feature of the headphones. In addition, the audio quality has leaped to a whole new level with the introduction of Harman Kardon sound signature technology, which of course, propels it to deliver outstanding and first-class results. In all fairness, you won’t be disappointed by the audio pumped out by the Tone+ Infinim.

However, one thing that might keep people at bay from picking it up is the unit’s hefty price tag of $150. Needless to say, that’s some serious dough for a pair of Bluetooth headphones of this caliber – one that’s technically not as generous with its features set. At its core, the Tone+ Infinim is your barebones in-ear headphones that offers phenomenal audio quality and long battery life. It doesn’t get treated to other amenities, like noise cancellation, NFC, or microphone amplification, which we see in other headphones. Regardless of that, if you prefer the in-ear style and prefer to focus on audio quality, you won’t regret picking this up – just be ready to unload a bunch of cash for it.


  • Harman Kardon sound quality is outstanding
  • Sleeker design
  • Retractable earbuds
  • Great for phone calls


  • Expensive pair of headphones
  • Light on secondary features
  • Plastic casing feels a bit hollow

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