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LG Spectrum vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus

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LG Spectrum vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Calling quality absolutely goes to the LG Spectrum because it presents us with clear and noise-free voices on both ends of the line – though, its speakerphone tends to muffle voices. Oppositely, the only issue we find on the Galaxy Nexus is the robotic tones that our callers hear on their end of the line.

Although it’s still a prevailing issue on the LG Spectrum, the loss of 4G LTE connectivity isn’t as constant when compared to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. However, it’s worth noting that both devices didn’t drop any phone calls during our time using them.

Simultaneously using the two power packed smartphones, their internal batteries are actual similar to one another. In fact, it’s an 1,830 mAh battery on the Spectrum and an 1,850 mAh on the Galaxy Nexus. Indeed they still pale in comparison to the performance of other smartphones, seeing that they’re blood suckers like no other, but the Galaxy Nexus appears to have a slight advantage – albeit, it’s not by much.


Needless to say, some will think long and hard between the two smartphones after looking over their on-contract prices. At $200, the LG Spectrum seems mightily tempting for a 4G LTE smartphone, but in all honesty, we’d recommend forking over the extra $100 to pick up the $300 Samsung Galaxy Nexus. First and foremost, the undeniable most important thing is that it’s running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich right at this moment – do we need to say more about it? Well, it also boasts the better looking design of the two, as the Spectrum basically looks way too bland for a handset destined to be on the highest of pedestals. Overlooking all of the fancy things that the Galaxy Nexus offers over the Spectrum, we also know that it’s also going to be treated to all of the latest updates right away – and it clearly shows as the Spectrum is on tap to receive its ICS upgrade sometime in June. So there you have it folks, you’re better off sticking with the Galaxy Nexus if you want to impress your friends.

LG Spectrum vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus:


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