For all the talk surrounding these two titans, we’re rather underwhelmed by the performance of their 8-megapixel auto-focus camera, and in all fairness, they simply don’t cut it. First and foremost, there’s some time between each shots, but even worse is the poor quality exhibited by them. Without going into detail, they’re both painstakingly flawed by some ugly looking details, but the DROID RAZR’s color production is distastefully the more inaccurate between the two – thus, exhibiting a noticeable bluish hue to our shots. Naturally, the Spectrum edges out in this one, but it’s not pretty to say the least.

Yikes! There isn’t anything better found with either handset’s 1080p high definition video recording because they’re simply lackluster in quality. Seriously, the flaws are extremely profound right off the bat as the Spectrum’s video is too over-exposed – thus, resulting in the loss of fine details with most things in the background. Oppositely, the DROID RAZR’s biggest fault is found in its washed out looking color reproduction. Well, they both capture video very smooth and audio recording is mostly clear and noise-free, but we can’t honestly say we’d use either of the two for capturing precious memories.

LG Spectrum Sample Video:

Motorola DROID RAZR Sample Video:


Both music players have their own unique aspects that make them enjoyable, such as the 3D carousel of the Spectrum and the karaoke-like thing going on with the DROID RAZR as it displays the lyrics to the accompanying song. Placing them at their maximum volume, they definitely produce audible tones, with the Spectrum exhibiting a teeny bit of sharpness. Far from being the most deafening devices we’ve heard, their qualities are robust enough for our ears to enjoy wholeheartedly.

Showing no instances of slowdown or lag, the test videos encoded in MPEG-4 1920 x 1080 resolution looked wonderful on both devices. However, thanks to its deeper and considerably saturated color reproduction, we’re enticed more by the Motorola DROID RAZR. Nevertheless, the two are more than ideal for the occasion.

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