Call Quality and Battery:

Call quality on the LG Spectrum 2 is good, as voices on our end were natural sounding and lacked any distortion, even at high call volumes, though there was some distortion while using the rear speakerphone. People that we called also said that we sounded good on their end, but at times was a bit hollow sounding, and they could tell we were using a mobile phone. Signal reception was adequate, since we didn’t drop any calls, but as with most other Verizon 4G phones, we had issue maintaining a 4G connection while indoors – as it would drop down to 3G EVDO.

With the included 2150mAh battery, we were able to get up to 10 hours of continuous talk time on a full charge, or about two days of mixed usage, which is better than most other smartphones in this category.


We feel that the $100 contract price of the LG Spectrum 2 is a bargain, as the original Spectrum was twice that when it was released earlier this year. This newest model not only includes a larger 4.7” True HD IPS display, but has a faster 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor and 16GB internal memory for storage. Combine that with the easy to use Optimus UI interface, good call quality and battery life, the LG Spectrum 2 is hard to beat in this price point.

Software version on the reviewed unit:
Android version 4.0.4
Kernel version 3.0.8
Build number IMM76I
Software version VS93010E

LG Spectrum 2 Video Review:


  • Attractive price
  • 4.7” True HD IPS display
  • Good call quality


  • Camera quality is lacking
  • Notification LED is part of the power button
  • Device feels larger than it should be

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