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The Rumor Touch proved to be a warrior in our performance testing.  Callers said we sounded very clear, possibly a bit muffled but we had a head cold while trying it out which could easily explain that.  On our end we had no problem hearing them and their voice sounded plenty loud and realistic.  They rated us an 8.5/10, we may even give it a 9 on our end.  Battery life was equally stellar.  It is rated at 7 hours of talk time, quite a feat for a CDMA device especially with a touchscreen.   It appears that even the heaviest of social networkers will have no problem going a few days with the Rumor Touch.

The LG Rumor Touch is a significant upgrade to the Rumor 2 in every way, and the $70 Sprint will be charging on contract is reasonable for those not looking to go with a smartphone.  It bests the competition, namely the Sanyo Incognito, Samsung Reclaim and Exclaim and even the Lotus Elite.  The touchscreen could be a bit more responsive and the stock web browser needs work, but all in all we enjoyed using the LG Rumor Touch.  It is a plenty capable messaging device with dedicated and usable apps for Facebook, Twitter and other popular social networking sites and the interface enhancements are useful, though they take a bit of getting used to.  Sprint’s suite of applications make it a much better multimedia device, and good call quality and excellent battery life are merely icing on the cake.


  • Above average call quality and great battery life
  • Good build quality
  • Usable interface tweaks
  • More multimedia options than previous Rumor devices


  • Touchscreen input is not always acted upon
  • Keyboard is usable, but could be better
  • Interface and front key layout take a bit of getting used to

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