LG Remarq LN240 Review

The LG Remarq LN240 follows on the heels of the successful Samsung Reclaim, but does it follow too closely? The Remarq uses the same portrait-sliding form-factor as the Reclaim, but the similarities end there...
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1. nancyfuqindrew

Posts: 32; Member since: Jan 07, 2010

Jesus christ sprint, why??????

2. MarieKathryn unregistered

umm... hate to break it to you, but the remarq actually DOES have GPS offered. Not quite sure how you missed that.

3. MarieKathryn unregistered

Just kidding.... sorry about that. i read the user guide incorrectly. i apologize.

4. Krischen unregistered

So Can You Still Download A Media Player To The Phone ?

5. cellphoneSEAN77 unregistered

Sprint Navigation is not the same as GPS.. GPS is a feature of the Remarq, but the Remarq does not support Sprint Navigation

6. bayboy4eva! unregistered

is there any way 2 watch videos on my LG LN240? please help asap
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