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Wallpaper - LG PRADA II Review
Widgets - LG PRADA II Review
Shortcuts - LG PRADA II Review




Have you noticed that things around us get more and more speeded up with each passing day? Trains are moving hundreds of miles per hour, computers are working with hyperspace frequencies and scientists are wondering how to set particles in motion with the speed of light in order to provoke the end of the world. The PRADA II interface is the opposite of that.  Let us say it straight out – it’s a bit slow.

You’ll find this out for yourselves on your first encounter with the home screen.  It is divided into three pages – one for widgets, another for
user-defined shortcuts and a place where you’ll be able to enjoy your wallpaper. Just for the record, we’ll mention that the pages are marked exactly as in the iPhone. In order to get yourself from one screen to another you’ll have to slide your finger across the display, which is met with an animated transition.. We have some bad news for those of you that find the transitions quite annoying – they cannot be turned off.

When it comes to the menu screens, they don’t actually offer great functionality. There are only seven widgets: clock, world clock, calendar, gallery, radio, music player and a note. As in other LG models offering the same feature (like the Renoir), they allow for some additional functions. For example, through the clock widget you can set an alarm, or through the calendar you can add an appointment, but as a whole they lack variety and aren’t that useful. The only fresh news here is that if you shake the phone while in widget mode, widgets will auto align on the screen. The shortcuts are limited to nine, but they can lead to every position of the main menu and we’ve found them quite handy.  You can also access them by pressing the shortcut button on the right. The menu that opens when you press the button also has a tab, which lists all the running processes and you can stop them with a click.

No matter which page you are currently on, the icons in the lower end are always there and give you access to the dialing, phonebook, messaging and main menu. The last one can now be visualized in a different way from the classic division in groups, found in LG’s touchscreen phones. The new variant uses the same division, but shows everything gathered in one big screen, so that one can see a part of it and can smoothly go to another part by sliding a finger across the display in the desired direction. This didn’t seem like the handiest thing to us, but still, it brings some variety into the arrangement, of which we have grown a bit weary.

Opening the keyboard rotates the screen to landscape mode.  The home screen then shows 7 shortcuts, arranged in a circle. The interesting thing is that the only keys that are active are the numbers. When you press some of them, you go to the dialing screen. Unfortunately, you can’t search for contacts by typing different characters like you can on Blackberry devices. This is one of the functions that we often use in phones, equipped with a hardware QWERTY keyboard.

Still, we have to pat LG on the back for giving the volume rocker some additional functions. It activates the menu from which you can control the ringing, as well as the loudness of the sounds by pressing the keys or the touch screen.

As if to justify the name of the phone, the designers have included some photos of products, branded with the PRADA logo, which are being shown when the device is locked. We were a bit surprised when we figured out that there is no way to turn them off. And believe us, we really wanted to do it since some of the models that are presenting the top fashion accessories look like they have come from SAW or Resident Evil.


Let’s start with adding the contacts. You can add up to 1000, and each one can contain a lot of information about the person (a few numbers, e-mail, picture, birthday and so on). The problem, however, is the process of adding a contact itself, since the fields that you see on the screen are too few and you have to do a lot of scrolling (like the Renoir). The situation is worst when you have slid open the hardware keyboard, because in this case there are only two fields on the screen.

At least searching is easy and can be done by both first and last name and by inputting numbers.

Adding a new contact - LG PRADA II Review
Search - LG PRADA II Review

Adding a new contact




Do you remember those big pads in which people used to write down their tasks for the day, along with appointments, birthdays of friends and other important stuff (like granny’s apple pie recipe)? All these functions can be easily carried out by a modern phone, such as the PRADA II, thanks to the third tab of the main menu.

Calendar - LG PRADA II Review


To Do notes - LG PRADA II Review
Date finder - LG PRADA II Review

To Do notes

Date finder

In the calendar you can add appointments, birthdays and anniversaries, of course, with an alarm reminder. To Do notes are mostly suitable for marking something that you need to do in the near future, as you give it a certain priority, and you don’t need to look at the calendar dates. And in case you’ve totally lost yourself in the calendar and do not know what day it would be in three days from now, you can use the Date Finder.

Other functions included in the third tab are the world clock, tools (calculator, unit converter, stopwatch), alarms, notes and the voice recorder. From here you can also access the internet browser, which we’ll discuss a bit later.

World clock - LG PRADA II Review
Calculator - LG PRADA II Review
Unit converter - LG PRADA II Review

World clock



Unit converter

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