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LG PM-225 review

LG PM-225

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There is no other word for the Contacts feature on this phone, but weak. There is only a 200 entry memory. That is quite lacking compared to a lot of other phones that easily offer 1000 contacts. This phone is definitely lacking in the area of phonebook memory. I do, however, like the setup of the Contacts themselves. You can list multiple numbers per entry, add memos, and assign ring tones.

LG PM-225 review
Under the Contacts menu you are able to do quite a few things. I liked the Find/Add Entry a lot due to the Find function that lets you search for entire names rather than just typing the first letter of a name. This is also where you would add a new entry. When you add a contact entry, you can enter a total of five phone numbers, three email addresses, one memo, one URL, and one picture ID. With the Picture ID, you can select between eleven factory animations or take your own picture with the camera.

LG PM-225 review
LG PM-225 review
LG PM-225 review
You are able to arrange all of your contacts into five factory Groups or you can delete those and make your own personalized groups. The PM-225 can actually handle up to 19 different groups.

LG PM-225 review
LG PM-225 review
The Speed Dials option allows you to set up one or two touch dialing for up to 99 phone numbers. Every contact must be set up manually into the Speed Dial menu. Some phones automatically assign a number, this is not the case.

LG PM-225 review
LG PM-225 review
Voice Dials allows you to store voice tags with your contacts for VAD (Voice Activated Dialing). You are only able to store 30 tags. You must train the phone to the contacts names. A lot of new phones do not require you first train in a name into the phone. This is not an advanced VAD, very basic and limited. If you want to purchase this phone and you have high hopes of excellent VAD, sorry you will be disappointed. After you do train in the names, it recognizes them perfectly. Too bad you can only store 30!

LG PM-225 review
LG PM-225 review

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. pcberdwin (unregistered)

I've had this phone for over a year now and it's been an OK phone but certainly not the best. UI speed - medium; not super but not bad. design - it's a smaller phone and fits well in pockets etc. sound - I don't notice anything bad about the sound; it's OK. battery - lasts maybe 2 days idle power without losing bars. features - good for mid-range phone, camera isn't terreffic. easy to use, price was ok? can't remember. I used a data cable I got off ebay and was able to use my own ringtones and wallpapers without having to buy any or using a web uploader. custom ringtones however don't loop seamlessly, there's about a 1 second pause. I noticed a bug that started happening where when I replied to a txt from someone who had a phonebook entry the phone for some reason added an extra number onto their number causing me to have to change it OR send a message to a bogus number. o_O it's an okay phone I guess for someone who doesn't want something to really complain about.

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