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LG Optimus Pad Review

LG Optimus Pad

Posted: , by Victor H.



LG Optimus Pad Review
The LG Optimus Pad has all the dual-core 1GHz guts for Honeycomb to fly. But it doesn't – it's smooth for the most part, but it sometimes lags, sometimes apps crash – and that seems like a software issue. We don't believe that LG can put the blame on rushing the tablet to market like Motorola could with the XOOM. But if that occasional stutter of the tablet is not a huge stopper for your Android enthusiasm, you'd be happy to find out that the Optimus Pad delivers a solid day of battery life with moderate usage. It can't match the longevity on the iPad 2 yet, but it's not that far from it.


Back at when the LG Optimus Pad was revealed at MWC this February, things looked bright for LG. 3D was picking pace and the iPad 2 was still an unreal product of the distant future. In that context, the LG Optimus Pad looks pretty adequate, but given the current reality of things, it falls short in just way too many departments.

First and foremost, LG seems to have missed a year's development on design (read: thickness and weight) of tablets giving us a somewhat bulky device. Even the solid build quality and premium feel can't make up for that.

Secondly, it fails miserably in the price war – its price tag in Germany stands at the mind-boggling $1,385 (945 euro) off contract, while over in the UK it currently sells for $1,230 (750 pounds). That's nearly twice the price of an iPad and even more than what Motorola would charge for its 10-inch XOOM, which clearly tips the scales in favor of the latter two.

Third comes 3D. For many it's turned out to be more of a gimmick – a fancy new feature that one would hardly ever use rather than the key differentiator of a product. And even more so for the LG Optimus Pad which relies on anaglyph glasses for viewing it. So finally, while LG's tablet does come with a great screen and 3D, it fails to capitalize on the 3D as its cameras are rather average and it seems dated when you look at its bulkiness. It can be a fun thing to play around, but given the steep price, we'd only look at it with a huge carrier subsidy.

LG Optimus Pad Video Review:


  • Solid build
  • Above average display


  • Hefty price seems unjustified
  • Average camera
  • Bulky
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posted on 29 Jun 2011, 22:07

1. ghost_uwi (Posts: 47; Member since: 05 Nov 2010)

Ipad 2 for the win :D

posted on 20 Aug 2011, 08:17

2. antonio (unregistered)

I am from panama I bought the tab in USA but then I realiz that it does not support UMTS1900 , is there any way to enable that frequency like samsung did with their phones?

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