LG Optimus One Review

Camera and Multimedia:

Thetouch-optimized camera interface of LG adds a few capabilities tospruce up the default 3MP shooter with no flash. There are a fewpresets, such as Portrait, Landscape, Sports, Night and Sunset, Macroand Face tracking, as well as a rich set of shooting modes – Continuousmode, Smile shot, LG’s trademark Beauty shot, Art shot, Panorama, Faceeffect and…  Cartoon. Face effect is pretty cool as it makes a mockeryof your subjects, giving them big heads, adding concave or fish-eyeregimes. The camera software also offers a few color effects, ofcourse, of which Solarize, Negative Sepia and Blue are thenon-standard.

Thepictures themselves are with enough detail for a 3MP shooter, but theLG Optimus One fails to focus well on anything but the center of theframe, making them appear blurred. The noise suppression took away alot of detail from the indoor samples. The phone captures VGA videowith accurate color representation, but at 17fps it is nothing to writehome about.

LG Optimus One Sample Video:

The standard Android gallery withits 3D effects while scrolling media files, as well as the stock musicplayer are what is used for multimedia consumption on the LG OptimusOne. The gallery is very good, but the music player offersthe basics – the coolest part is the Party Shuffle feature, which justpicks tracks at random, and that’s about it. The loudspeaker is ofaverage quality in terms of volume/range, and, as usual with the LGphones of late, doubles as an earspeaker.

Video playback supports Divx/Xvid codecs, which is a great feat, and those videos played nicely up to 420x260 pixels of resolution.

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