LG Optimus One Review

Interface, Messaging and Functionality:

The nicest part of the LG Optimus One’s software is, of course, that it is running Android 2.2 from the very beginning. LG hasn’t skinned it too much. The dock at the bottom of the homescreens has grown to accommodate two more shortcuts than standard, for a total of five – Dialer, Contacts, Main Menu, Messages and Browser. Nothing extraordinary in the widgets section – the default homescreen comes with Weather prepopulated, and the rest of them host Calendar, Messaging, Music and Bookmarks from the onset. As usual, you can link your Facebook, Twitter, Exchange and Gmail accounts to your phonebook, and follow what’s happening on the social networking front with your contacts from there.

Most everything else, though – the lock screen, main menu, mail, messaging, gallery, even the calendar, is stock. In order to view the calendar for the first time, you have to log in with your Gmail or Exchange account, which is a strange enough requirement, if you ask us, given that you already provided that info in the initial setup. The same thing happens with Android Market, and the other places requiring the Google login.

Nothing out of the ordinary in the messaging and email department, as we mentioned – both allow you to search the ins and outs of your communication, attach various items, and the email app lets you easily set your Exchange, Hotmail or Yahoo account, if you have strayed away from El Goog for some reason. Typing those messages on the 3.2” screen is easy with the stock Android keyboard, although LG provides its own setup as default, which we quickly switched over to the regular stuff. Not that the LG keyboard arrangement was bad, but we are more used to QWERTY in portrait mode, even on a small screen, rather than the numpad provided by default. Overall, the interface won’t “wow” you, but it is very close to a stock Froyo experience, which already means decent.

Browser, Connectivity and Software:

Surfing the net with the Froyo browser is usually a gratifying experience, due to the full Adobe Flash support, and simple interface. However, the LG Optimus One, as most other handsets with relatively slow chipsets, lacks Adobe Flash 10.1 support, which kind of misses the point of having Froyo to an extent. Scrolling gets choppy when there are some Flash elements on the page, but other than that, multitouch and double-tap work alright. Overall, we can easily say that we've tested better preforming Froyo browsers on the same 600MHz chipsets.

The LG Optimus One arrives with a decent set of connectivity features – 3G, Wi-Fi, A-GPS (which takes about four minutes for a cold start, but locked position for thirty seconds afterwards), as well as Bluetooth and FM Radio. Besides the stock Android apps and Google services, LG has added just Facebook and Twitter apps, as well as ThinkFree Office for easy document editing, which shoots two birds with one stone, as it also acts as a decent file browser.



1. Jawahar Sarkar unregistered

What a fantastic site!!! Even the online official website of the phones are not so cool as this site is. It has provided me loads of information about the phone which neither manufacturer nor promotion neither any mobile store nor any person could have given me. Fabulous Fantastic Faadu Site. I am its fan now!!!

2. Parixit unregistered

Brilliant review. Loved it. Thanks!!

3. jack ryan unregistered

great site..

4. Sureshkumar unregistered

Its very nice site.. & already i have LG optimus one. nice mobile..

5. Arturo unregistered

I was planning on getting one just because its free with my service plan, now with your review Im confident I will get a nice phone and a great deal.

6. me unregistered

Why do you write reviews on your own website?

7. Babu Dharmaraj unregistered

I bought LG optimus one. it best performance and good display mobile.

8. A K R P unregistered

Cool phone and i will get one soon.samsung galaxy 3 is nothing comparing with dis optimus.dis site is also cool.

9. Balu unregistered

I am thinking to buy LG optimus one.. The only thing which stops me is video streaming.. Cant I play videos while browsing the internet. It doesnt support video streaming???

10. Ben unregistered

If you are browsing a webpage witch include youtube video, you have to click on it and the "onboard" youtube player will play it. There is some other options: -The Skyfire browser (the payed one) is convert all videos, then you can watch them. -Puffin browser is able to play directly the video on the webpage So don't worry, One is a really great phone, I love it!

11. EVETS unregistered

Hey im thinking of getting this phone i am a guy so abuse to the phone is a possibility, and reliability is also a big concern too. how is the boot sequence? is it fast or slow compared to other phone. right now it looks fantastic and almost sold on getting it i just want a "back ground check" thanx:)

12. an mobile savy unregistered

Hey friends... I want to ask you a question.! Dont you think that htc's wildfire S is better than lg's optimus 1. Think about it. I am waiting for your comment..!

13. mis_mariss

Posts: 1; Member since: Jan 14, 2013

This is the WORST phone in the world! It makes me wish that I had an old flip phone! The screen always stops working for days at a time. Seriously I wouldn't recommend this phone to anyone!

14. apsely

Posts: 1; Member since: Feb 03, 2013

Be aware that Android 2.3 has a bug which prevents apps from correctly displaying compass heading information. LG refuses to deal with this problem.
Optimus One
  • Display 3.2" 320 x 480 pixels
  • Camera 3 MP
  • Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon S1, Single core, 600 MHz
  • Storage 0.17 GB + microSDHC
  • Battery 1500 mAh(6.00h 3G talk time)

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