Call Quality:

Neither is actually perfect when it comes to call quality, primarily because of some of the nagging issues that come up between them. Specifically, the HTC One X’s earpiece sounds weak in noisy environments – while there are some distortion issues that pop up on both ends of the line with the LG Optimus G.


Testing them out exclusively with last-generation data speeds, HSPA+ for the HTC One X and 3G EV-DO with the LG Optimus G, we’re given very similar results with battery life – and that’s despite finding the HTC One X having the smaller 1,800 mAh battery. With the two, we’re able to get through a solid day of normal usage with fully charged batteries. Meanwhile, heavier usage permits us at least 12 hours of battery life.


Being the new kid on the block clearly has an advantage, as the LG Optimus G is sporting hardware under the hood that’s more coveted right now – essentially giving it more nods when you factor in outright pricing. Specs aside, LG has made some considerable ground in enhancing its custom Android experience to put it in a more favorable position over the Sense experience of the HTC One X. When we think about the LG Optimus G’s superior hardware, premium construction, and its extensive software features, it really pulls itself ahead of the HTC One X at this point. Then again, we all know that HTC is about to unleash its newest flagship in the HTC One X+, which might give LG’s offering a good run for its money. But in the meantime, the LG can give itself a toast in knowing that they’ve finally triumphed over HTC’s best offering.

LG Optimus G vs HTC One X:

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