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LG Optimus G Pro vs Sony Xperia Z

Posted: , posted by Daniel P.


Call quality

LG Optimus G Pro vs Sony Xperia Z
Voices sound a bit muffled and hollow in the earpieces of the both phones, so the Xperia Z and Optimus G Pro don't really shine with call quality. The noise-canceling mics both are equipped with, however, did a good job relaying our voice loud and clear to the other side with no parasite noises.


The Optimus G Pro has the bigger display, but its battery is also much larger than the one on the Xperia Z, to the tune of 3140 mAh vs Xperia Z's “mere” 2330 mAh unit. With a juicer this size we were able to get a full weekend worth of tinkering with LG's phone, and its battery is also easily swappable if the need arises.


The LG Optimus G Pro is the newer and better handset in terms of inside components, and yet it is by no means an easy pick before the Sony Xperia Z, more so in this 5.5” version. While LG's phone might have a faster processor and better screen, it is still much more unwieldy to handle than the fairly compact Z, especially with one hand. 

When we add the durable water-proof glass unibody of Sony's flagship, you'd only be considering the G Pro before it if you want your screen as large as possible in the most compact chassis available. Still, if you are on the fence and the little things count, LG's QButton and IR sensor add value, while if a huge swappable battery is of importance to you, too, the 3140 mAh unit in the G Pro could tip the scales in its favor.


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