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LG Optimus G Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Note II

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Call quality

LG Optimus G Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Note II
The Galaxy Note II sports better voice quality in the earpiece than the hollow and somewhat muffled sound from the G Pro. We've got noise-canceling mics on both, though, which weed out the ambient sounds, and send our voice across the ether in a clean and recognizable form.


The G Pro and the Note II sport almost equal battery capacities – 3140 mAh vs 3100 mAh. Those large Full HD displays have shown they aren't the power vampires they were cracked up to be, due to their modern production tech, so we can expect top-notch endurance from both handsets. The phones would last you at least a weekend with moderate usage, and also sport batteries that are easily swappable if you need more juice when you are away from outlets.


The Samsung Galaxy Note II has an ace up its sleeve amongst the big-screen phones in the form of an S Pen stylus, which offers a much more precise input than your fingertips. How useful is having another input method like that is up to personal preferences - our quick poll not long ago showed that about a third of respondents think the S Pen is indispensable on everyday basis, while the majority put it in the “nice to have” category.

The brilliant Full HD display and powerful new chipset of the Optimus G Pro arrive in a more compact chassis to boot, and this could sway people looking for a giant screen phone, depending on the price tag; when we add the mappable QButton, plus the handy IR blaster LG has equipped the Pro with, it becomes at least as compelling.

LG Optimus G Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Note II video comparison


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