LG Optimus G Pro Review

Call quality

There are two microphones for active noise-cancellation on the Optimus G Pro, which worked like a charm weeding out the background noise while we were talking. Voice quality in the earpiece is not outstanding in terms of clarity, as there is some echo, but the strength is enough, and there are no over the top distortions, even at the highest volume.


LG graced the Optimus G Pro with a large 3140 mAh battery, meaning more time between charges, though official talk and standby times aren't given yet. With such a large battery unit we've no doubt you can manage a full day of heavy use with the G Pro, and even two or three if you keep the screen off most of the time. In fact, we managed to pull a full weekend with average workload after breaking in the battery.

On top of that, the 3140 mAh unit is easily swappable, so you can grab an extra one to replace the exhausted juicer if needed while on a trip, or a place without easy outlet access. A quick charging functions seems to be present as well, since we managed to top off the battery from critically low to a hundred percent in less than one and a half hours.


LG is taking a sizeable risk by putting stellar specs in a 5.5-incher – despite that the phone is surprisingly compact and light for such a screen size, thanks to the minimum bezel, it still feels a bit unwieldy for anything but a Shaq-sized hand, though less so than the Note II with the same screen size, for instance.

Other than the size which won't appeal to everybody, the phone has most everything else nailed great, save for an average call quality in the earpiece, and the sluggish auto-brightness. We loved the programmable QButton and the IR blaster, which should be a staple for every flagship out there.

A direct competitor to the LG Optimus G Pro is the Galaxy Note II, which is less compact and with HD 720p resolution at the same screen size (265ppi vs G Pro's 401ppi), but features a stylus. If you want something more manageable, you can opt for the 5” Sony Xperia Z, which is no slouch, and sports a water-tight chassis, or go even more compact and nab a 4.7” HTC One with its amplified stereo speakers and large-pixel camera.

Besides the version for Korea we reviewed, the Optimus G Pro will be arriving globally in Q2, and LG specifically notes Japan and North America. The Japanese version sports a 5” Full HD display, whereas the Korean one here is with a 5.5” one, but which one will hit the rest of the world remains to be heard. For now you can only import the G Pro north of $800 SIM-free, but when the US or EU carrier versions get specified, we'll check them out for you, too.

Software version: JZ054K/F240L10k

LG Optimus G Pro Review:


  • Very light and compact for the screen size
  • Large 3140 mAh battery
  • Flexible design lets you add memory or swap the battery
  • Programmable QButton and an IR blaster allow more usage scenarios
  • Good camera with HDR video abilities


  • Too large for comfortable one-handed operation
  • Hollow voice quality in the earpiece
  • Finicky auto-brightness adjustments

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