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LG Optimus G Preview

LG Optimus G

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The software that's going to be pre-loaded on the LG Optimus G is Android 4.0. It would have been cooler if LG had 4.1 right from the start, but we can live with this, since 4.0 is still a wonderful OS. Still, we really hope that LG will manage to surprise us with a quick update early on.

As usual, on top of the stock OS we have LG's own custom UI overlay, which alters the software's appearance and adds a number of new features.

As far as the UI look goes, you shouldn't expect any wonders from LG. They still have their cartoony icons, which don't really measure up to the level of artistry found in the stock version of the OS.

LG Optimus G Preview
LG Optimus G Preview
LG Optimus G Preview
LG Optimus G Preview
LG Optimus G Preview
LG Optimus G Preview
LG Optimus G Preview

The new features we mentioned, on the other hand, are quite intriguing, though we're far from believing that all of them will end up being heavily used. Here are some of the more important ones:

- Live Zooming: This feature allows you to zoom in a video while you're watching it. It's a rather interesting concept, and one that kind of makes sense to us in the context of smartphones.

- Time Catch Shot: Now this one is really nifty and we can already see ourselves using it. It's like “Burst Shot” mode, but seems to be even better. With Time Catch Shot, the Optimus G starts taking pictures before you've even pressed the shutter key, and it continues to do so after you've released it. This way you are sure to have the exact picture you wanted even if you didn't really hit the shutter at the appropriate moment.

- Dual Screen / Dual Rendering: With this, your life is going to change forever! No, not really, we still find it cool. It lets you stream some content to a TV, while viewing other stuff on the phone. For example, you can stream a video, while typing a text.

- Quick Memo / QMemo 2.0: This feature lets you take a screen shot of the screen and then add a hand-written note to it. After that, you can easily share the result with whoever you want.

- Cheese Shutter: Basically, Cheese Shutter allows you to take a picture using a voice command rather than having to press the camera shutter, which is always a good thing to have.


As you can guess, typing on the LG Optimus G's specious virtual QWERTY keyboard is a joy, especially when using the landscape one. LG has even added a nice customization feature called Conversation Skin, which allows you to add a wallpaper of your liking to the Messaging app.

Since this is an ICS phone, Gmail users will be able to experience what is probably the most advanced and profound application for using the service.


Having in mind that the phone runs on Ice Cream Sandwich and features such a powerful processor, it's not a surprise that web-browsing is a wonderful experience. And with LTE on board, it goes without saying that those pages will load in an instant, waiting for you to do some super-smooth scrolling and zooming action on them. And, when you consider the very high pixel density of the screen, you can rest assured that everything, down to the smallest of text, will be extremely fine and easy to read.

LG Optimus G Preview
LG Optimus G Preview
LG Optimus G Preview
LG Optimus G Preview


This is probably the signature feature of the LG Optimus G – the outstanding chipset. As said in the beginning, it uses the Snapdragon S4 Pro – a very serious quad-core chip that can easily run stuff like Windows RT. It's clocked at 1.5 GHz, and as you can imagine, delivers an ultra-fast and smooth experience. We encountered no lag or other delay whatsoever while using our pre-production unit, which proves the excellence of this piece of silicon.

Accompanying it, however, is the equally impressive Adreno 320 GPU. This powerful graphics chip can be employed by various applications to provide the necessary computing horsepower, and it will simply destroy every 3D game or benchmark found in the Play Store... in the good sense of the word, that is.


Equipped with 2 gigabytes of DDR RAM, the Optimus G doesn't play around in this area as well. This much memory can easily guarantee you seamless multitasking and snappy application response even if you are a really heavy user and want to almost replace your computer with this.

As far as internal memory goes, the Optimus G seems to come only in a 32GB flavor, which we're OK with. Unfortunately, there is not microSD card slot, so those who need more space are out of luck.


The camera is an interesting aspect of the Optimus G. In most places you'll see that it'll be a 13MP one, but the phone will actually come in two choices – 8MP and 13MP, with the 8MP model having a slightly lower price. The size of the camera sensor is 1/3.2”, and overall, we wouldn't expect wonders from it, no matter how many megapixels LG has managed to stuff inside. As we said, however, the company has worked hard to introduce some very cool features like Time Catch Shot, which is similar to Burst Shot, but better, seeing that it starts capturing photos before you've pressed the shutter, and continues for a bit after you've released it, allowing you to choose the absolute best moment of all.

LG Optimus G Preview
LG Optimus G Preview
LG Optimus G Preview
LG Optimus G Preview

Since this is just a pre-production unit we're dealing with, and the camera is such an important feature of a phone, we aren't willing to draw any conclusions about it just yet. *update* we have removed the samples taken with the prototype, as they do not indicate the camera quality of the final retail units. 

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LG Optimus G

LG Optimus G

OS: Android 4.4.2 4.1.2 4.0.4
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Display4.7 inches, 768 x 1280 pixels (318 ppi) IPS LCD
Camera13 megapixels
Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro, Quad-core, 1500 MHz, Krait processor
Size5.19 x 2.71 x 0.33 inches
(131.9 x 68.9 x 8.45 mm)
5.11 oz  (145 g)
Battery2100 mAh, 15 hours talk time

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