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LG Octane Review

LG Octane

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LG Octane Review
One area where LG phones usually shine is with the call quality, but that is not the case with the Octane. On our end during calls, when we listened to a person talk, the call volume would go up and down. It sounded like the first few seconds of a sentence were lower, and then got louder (we tried with and without the “call clarity” option). Once the person would stop and then start talking again, it was quieter and then got louder after 2-3 seconds. We could also hear some echo on our end when we talked into the Octane. On the other end of the conversation, the person that was using a land-line said they could hear themselves like an echo coming back through the phone. We tried several calls with different people (some on land-lines and some on cell phones), and everyone was getting this echo effect. We also tried another Octane, and got the same results, but when we used an enV3, it didn’t have any of these problems. At this point we can hope that the issue with the call volume and with the voice echo are software related, and urgently suggest that there needs to be firmware update that will correct these problems. On the plus side, the signal reception was actually pretty good (so we know that’s not the issue) as we had 3-4 bar showing and didn’t drop any calls.

The included battery is 950mAh in capacity, which is the same as on the enV3 and Octane. Talk time is rated at 6 hours and standby is 14 days. During our testing we were only able to get up to 5 hours of continuous talk time, which is about 30 minutes less than what we got when using the enV3 and Octane.


Overall, the LG Octane is not a suitable replacement for the enV3 due to the call volume fluctuation and echo issues that it exhibited with phone calls. Because of this, we really can’t recommend the Octane for people who would use it for a lot of calls, but if you are the type of person who only place or receive calls on occasion, you might be OK with it (we would suggest that you try it out first). But in the other areas, the Octane still isn’t as good as the enV3, such as the one-piece membrane QWERTY keyboard, lower volume music player, and camera images not looking as good. In fact, the only thing we seem to like about the LG Octane is the updated exterior styling and the larger front display. It is unfortunate that LG dropped the ball on the Octane, and we can only hope that a firmware update will fix the call problems.

Software version of the reviewed unit: VN530ZV01

LG Octane Video Review:


  • Compact and stylish
  • Larger external display than the enV3


  • Call quality is bad on both ends
  • QWERTY keyboard is all one piece, not individual buttons
  • Camera image quality not as good as the enV3
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Display320 x 240 pixels TFT
Camera3.2 megapixels
Size4.21 x 2.16 x 0.63 inches
(107 x 55 x 16 mm)
4.50 oz  (128 g)

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