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LG Nitro HD vs Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket

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LG Nitro HD vs Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket
When it comes to calling quality, we’re not impressed with their performance because they suffer from their own set of issues that prevent us from getting a tangible experience. Listening through the earpiece of the LG Nitro HD, it emits a recognizable crackling tone, while the Skyrocket’s volume output is very weak in overall tone. Reiterating our stance, there’s not a whole lot to win us over with their calling quality.

Trotting around the two handsets to the same places, they boast very identical signal strength in all locations. Generally, in high coverage areas, we tend to receive at least 4 bars, plus, they didn’t drop any phone calls during our testing.

In a world of 4G LTE connectivity, there’s one clear-cut thing we can agree on – battery life is something we desperately desire. Tucking away similar sized batteries, the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket appears to provide more juice with its battery, though, it’s not substantially better. Specifically, we’re able to obtain 14 hours of battery life on normal usage with the Skyrocket. Meanwhile, the LG Nitro HD gets us at around 12 hours of juice out of a single charge.


So you’re heading into an AT&T store with $249.99 and change stuffed inside your pockets, ready to spend it instinctively, but we’d bet you’re fighting over which one to get. Obviously, these identically priced handsets are at the high-end of the spectrum – and justified at that! However, after spending a great deal of time with them, we have to give the LG Nitro HD the advantage. Above all, its 4.5” 720p True HD IPS display sets a benchmark with its superior detail and accurate color production. On top of that, it’s the one that takes the better photos/videos, and slightly boasts the more appreciable design between the two. Going back to its lovely display, it’s the main reason why LG’s beauty is able to stand out from the crop! Still, the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket is an admirable offering that’s sure to impress and astound people, but for now, it’s the Nitro HD speeding past the competition as supplanting the Skyrocket as the top dog in AT&T’s 4G LTE selection.

LG Nitro HD vs Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket:


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