The LG Nitro HD’s camera interface is no different from other devices running the LG Optimus UI skin, seeing that it’s functional and easy to operate, although the settings menu feels a bit cluttered, due to the sheer number of options available.

It might not take the gold medal when it comes to taking photos, but we’re nevertheless satisfied with the decent images that its 8-megapixel auto-focus camera is able to produce. In fact, they’re definitely good enough to use for a 4” x 6” printout, but beyond that, it’ll expose some of its detail deficiencies. Outdoor shots are accompanied with average details and a cooler color production, which is actually more prevalent with indoor shots under artificial lighting. Under low lighting conditions, its overall quality is dulled by some evidence of digital noise and graininess – though, its single LED flash manages to counteract some of the blemishes. As a whole, they’re not great, but undoubtedly acceptable enough to please our eyes.

Looking over the 1080p videos that we’re able to capture with the handset, the results are more of the same with its average quality. Again, fine details are average at best and accompanied with a distinguishable cooler color reproduction – but they’re supplemented by its smooth 29 frames per second capture and clear audio recording. However, it suffers from some artifacting when panning very quickly, or when moving to different lighting conditions very quickly.

LG Nitro HD Sample Video:

LG Nitro HD Indoor Sample Video:


Using the Optimus UI 2.0's media player to listen to songs is pretty straightforward. All songs loaded on the smartphone are placed into the playlist where they can be arranged in the order the user pleases. Flip the phone in landscape mode and you get a neat 3D like display of your media library, completed with album art and sorted alphabetically. Lacking equalizer options with the internal speaker, audio quality is average with its balanced tones.

With its 720p display in check, the LG Nitro HD is undeniably regarded as being a suitable HD video watching device – and it doesn’t disappoint with its sizable display. Loading our test video encoded in DivX 1920 x 1080 resolution, it has no problem playing it smoothly and entirely. Simply, our eyes are presented with a visual treat thanks to its beautiful display.

Previously, many of LG’s recent Android powered smartphones packed along a dedicated microHDMI port for quick sharing of multimedia content. However, the Nitro HD opts to use an MHL port instead, which means that you’ll need to purchase an optional adapter to gain video out functionality. Nevertheless, we’re able to instantly get that gratifying mirrored experience right away – then again, you can opt to use the SmartShare app to do it wirelessly via DLNA.

Packaged along with a 16GB microSD card, it’s sufficient to handle the needs of most people – though, you can always replace it with a 32GB card instead. Meanwhile, it also packs 1.81GB of internal storage that’s strictly reserved for apps.


Looking over some of the preloaded apps on the LG Nitro HD, there’s nothing of particular interest since it boasts all of the commonly packaged apps we find with most AT&T devices. Of course, AT&T’s presence is in full force with things like AT&T Code Scanner, AT&T FamilyMap, AT&T Navigator, Live TV, and myAT&T. On the other hand, there are still plenty of other third party apps that might appeal to certain individuals – such as Amazon Kindle, MOG Music, Polaris Office, Qik Lite, Wi-Fi Share, and YPmobile.

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