LG New Chocolate BL40 Review

Messaging and connectivity:

The BL40 is a really comfy handset when it comes to messaging, no matter if it´s text, multimedia or email letter. The screen gets divided into two parts on your turning the handset to landscape – the left one shows a list of all available messages, while the right visualizes the content of the selected letter. Nice indeed, we must congratulate LG on the great idea! This is a really great application that allows browsing messages in landscape mode and going over correspondence really fast.

Once you get to the screen dedicated to message creation, you will be able to put the extremely handy, virtual, landscape QWERTY keyboard to good use. It allows information entry that is both fast, almost free from typing mistakes and happens to be one of the aspects the LG New Chocolate BL40 really excels in.

The email client sports automated settings for Microsoft Exchange only, meaning all details relating to your email accounts with other service providers should be entered manually. The option that permits you to see your emails in full HTML is really useful, although the messages get visualized in the internet browser.

Speaking of it, the internet browser of the BL40 is useable. In perfect unison with the phone interface, the app is far from snappy, but will allow you to scroll to the bottom of the page you are viewing just a tad before you do fly off the handle. The high screen resolution provides detailed images and crisp, easily readable texts. You can zoom in and out on things using multitouch. Just like on the iPhone? Well, not exactly. The function is incredibly slow, to the point of being virtually unusable. It does work much better on the HTC Hero, not to mention it´s incomparably better on the iPhone. Other than that, the browser loads pages acceptably fast, especially when connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi. You can always use your carrier´s 3G network and utilize download speeds of up to 7.2Mbps in case there is no hotspot in the vicinity.

Camera and Multimedia:

With its five megapixel count, the Schneider-KREUZNACH camera of the LG New Chocolate BL40 looks promising and the LED flash to help you take better pictures in dark places seems able to sweeten the deal. Its interface is exquisite and is easy to use, because the most important functions are directly accessible from the screen.

In a stark contrast to the appealing interface, the pictures taken with the camera are… disappointing at best. Everything looks blurry, the colors are thin and the amount of image noise is overwhelming. The same applies to pictures taken indoors. However, we do like the performance of the flash that manages to provide enough light to nearby objects even in pitch dark areas.

The maximum video capture resolution is VGA and videos have pretty much the same overall quality like the pictures taken with the device – they are blurry and with distant sound, meaning we cannot recommend them to anyone who tends to shoot more frequently than once a month.

LG New Chocolate BL40 sample video at 640 x 480 pixels

As a whole, LG seems to have made a short work of the camera of the BL40. We had hoped to stock our extensive collection of flower images with more shots, but alas, we had no choice but to delete all of them, taken with the BL40. Actually, they are not that hard to grow really, you just need to water the pots and surround the plants with loving care…

In terms of multimedia, the BL40 is a decent performer. The handset plays Xvid and MPEG-4 files with resolution of up to 800x480 pixels and the experience is just awesome! Well, ordinary videos will appear stretched when viewed in full screen, but watching them is well worth it. You better go for content with 21:9 aspect ratio to take full advantage of the BL40´s screen.

We´ve got great news for all of you who cannot go a single day without music. The LG BL40 is equipped with 3.5mm jack located on the top side. Listening to music on the BL40 is a pleasing experience indeed - you will be able to enjoy loud, crystal clear sound and relish the music, without missing on even the most subtle details. The loudspeaker performs nicely as well. It doesn’t pack much punch really, but produces clear sound with no apparent crackling, so it´s totally usable. The audio player itself sports an enjoyable, offbeat interface both in portrait and landscape mode.

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