Interface and Functionality:

Sadly, the Neon II resorts to using the same interface found with the original, which is simple and straightforward, but it would've been better to see a slight makeover with the newer model. Personalization is slim as they come since you'll only be able to change the wallpaper and choose from a pool of boring looking clock selections for the homescreen. With the main menu, it's laid out by default to a grid like view, but it can be changed to a list view if you prefer. Aside from that, there isn't any slowdown while navigating around the platform – however, it would've been really nice to see something updated.

The handset will hold a maximum of 1,000 contact, which is the normal amount you'd expect out of most non-smartphones. With each person in your address book, you're limited to a few items you can associate with them – like phone numbers, email addresses, and instant messenger clients.

Hard to believe it, but the messaging experience is utterly puzzling – especially when it doesn't necessarily play to the strength of quick typers. By far the the most annoying thing we experienced when typing a message is the fact that you can't hold down the “shift” key and type consecutive capital letters. Furthermore, you have to click the “Fn” button once each time before inputting a symbol. In the end, this process is obviously not conducive for speedy individuals since it obviously greatly limits their speed. Setting up email is your typical process with AT&T's Mobile Email app which will automatically set up generic clients by simply providing an email address and password. Instant messaging is fittingly also on board since you have the option to select AIM, Windows Live Messenger, and Yahoo! Messenger.

For the social networking crazed individuals out there, the LG Neon II packs AT&T's Social Net app which is a centralized hub for all your accounts – like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and some RSS feeds.

Finally, there is a decent amount of AT&T apps preloaded with the phone – such as AT&T Navigator, AT&T FamilyMap, AT&T Music, and AT&T Radio. In addition to them, you'll also find other third party apps like Where, AllSportGPS, Loopt, MusicID2, YPmobile, MobiTV, Mobile Banking, PicDial, and FunScreenz.



1. naophix unregistered

You do not have to hold down the shift or Fn keys. If you press the shift or Fn key twice it will stay locked until pressed again.

2. Eric unregistered

On LG's Website, the GW370 is called the "Rumour Plus". If you look at the pictures on their Website, the Neon 2 looks different.

3. Kbtennis401 unregistered

Should i get this phone? What color?

4. volleyball004 unregistered

I have this phone at the time. I have had some problems with the screen. I recently got a new LG Neon 2 because the screen wouldn't work, it was completely black. That happened twice. Also, when I'm on the phone with someone, the phone will completely turn off sometimes. When I turn it on, it says it has low battery but it didn't during the call. I have to then plug it in to the charger to keep it from turning off. I may just have a bad battery though. Their are some good things about this phone though. I love the keyboard, very easy to use. I love the joystick too. It rarely freezes. It's a small phone, so it fits easily in pockets. Overall, good phone.

5. rolltideroll unregistered

the LG Neon 2 sucks! i have one right now and it's terrible. it makes noises constantly. and it never charges. the battery life is way too short. also, the ringtones don't work most of the time. i would never get another LG phone. especially the Neon or Neon 2
Neon II
  • Display 2.4" 240 x 320 pixels
  • Camera 2 MP
  • Storage 0.08 GB + microSDHC
  • Battery 950 mAh(4.00h talk time)

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