The Muziq offers a 1.3mp camera and camcorder. The camera took generally acceptable pictures. Color replication was good under the proper lighting, but under normal halogen lighting colors were yellowed and overall the pictures were grainy. In VGA or QVGA mode 15x digital zoom is available, but in the 960x1280 (1.3 MP) resolution there is no zoom. Videos are recorded at a max of 144x176, and are decidedly low quality (though on par with most other mobile offerings.) Videos can be capped at 30 seconds and sent as Video Mail, or can be recorded until all available space is used and be transferred to a computer via the memory card.


The Sprint Music Store supports .mp3 and .aac files and will accept microSD cards up to 4GB. Despite only having one speaker the volume was good. Instead of including a 2.5mm stereo headset, LG has packaged a 2.5mm->3.5mm adaptor with the Muziq. Audio fans will appreciate being able to use their headphones as opposed to a cheaper 2.5mm alternative. Stereo Bluetooth is also supported and works well, and offers the most convenient listening. With a Motorola S9 headset the sound was full and we had no complaints.

As with the Fusic, an FM transmitter is built into the phone so music can be broadcast to a nearby radio on an unused band. Still, this option is more of a novelty than anything else as reception was generally poor. It should be enough for in-room or in-car usage.


We touched on the replacement of the native media player with the Sprint TV application earlier. In past phones the media player allowed the user to access both Sprint TV and Radio, as well as play user generated content via the phone’s native (and often better) media player. This has appeared on recent phones as well, such as the Samsung UpStage and m510. Unlike the Samsungs however, which can still launch the native media player via the file manager, it seems to have been completely removed in the Muziq. This is a shame because the Music Store lacks the refinement of LG’s media player. That said, the Music Store gets the job done, supporting playlists and shuffle, and displays album art with the flip open. The new Sprint TV application is much better than the previous offering, and closely resembles a standard TV guide found on cable or satellite. Hopefully the Music Store will eventually get the same treatment.



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  • Display 2.2" 176 x 220 pixels
  • Camera 1.3 MP
  • Storage 0.016 GB
  • Battery 800 mAh(4.00h talk time)

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