Callers were impressed with the voice quality of the LG Marquee. They said it was a bit hollow, but in general it was very clear with no echo and rated us an 8.5/10. Voice quality was also good on our end with natural reproduction and good volume on both the earpiece and speakerphone. Battery life is rated at just 5.5 hours for the Marquee, which is on the low end even for a smartphone. The battery is only 1500mAh, likely a casualty of the thin form factor.


The LG Marquee is a good phone for what it is, but doesn’t play with the big boys like the EVO 3D, the Photon and the Epic 4G Touch. Thanks to its wonderful 4” NOVA display we’d choose it over the Samsung Conquer 4G and it is likely the best of the rest in Sprint’s lineup. The camera performance could be better at times and battery life may be a concern for some, but the ultra-thin form-factor, super crisp display and good phone performance will draw plenty of users who want more out of their phone but don’t need a top-of-the-line device.

Software version of the reviewed unit:
Android: 2.3.4
Build: GRJ22
S/W: LS855ZV9

LG Marquee Video Review:


  • 4” NOVA display is bright, crisp and readable in all conditions
  • Just 9.1 mm thin
  • Good call quality


  • Battery life could be better
  • Camera performs fine outdoors, but loses its luster indoors

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