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LG KS20 Review


Posted: , by PhoneArena Team



The first impression the design gives us, is that it resembles the one of a Prada phone. The materials used are the same utilized in the popular model and help in achieving that impression. Same as with the Prada, the shiny plastic surface is a fingerprint magnet and you will have to clean your phone constantly, in order for it to look good.

LG KS20 Review
LG KS20 Review
LG KS20 Review

What characterizes phones with such functionality is that they are bigger and heavier, but not the KS20, which impresses with its compact size and light weight. Unfortunately, when you hold it in your hand, the feeling of comfort vanishes instantaneously because of the plastic, which makes it quite light and its size, which is too small for the masculine hand.

LG KS20 Review

2.8 inches TFT Display - LG KS20 Review

2.8 inches TFT Display

The 2.8 inches TFT touch screen, covers 1/3 of the whole front. As it is touch-sensitive, it is used for the control of hte phone. Its specs are not any different than the rest of the phones in this class. The QVGA resolution is big enough for its physical size with small pixels, resulting in detailed images. The colors are saturated and realistic and the contrast is good. You’ll have difficulties reading it under direct sunlight even with the brightness set at maximum. Above the display are located the speaker and the video calling VGA camera, which despite the large display doesn’t stay unnoticed.

The Answer/Reject call buttons, positioned below the display are in the classic black color and with a well expressed relief, so they are easy to use. The Clear button found in PRADA is replaced with a 5-way joystick. Fundamentally, it should accommodate the navigation through the menus, but in this case, it is positioned too low, as well as the other two buttons, which makes them hard to use while holding the phone in your hand.

LG KS20 Review
Left Side - LG KS20 Review
Right Side - LG KS20 Review

Left Side

Right Side

The volume rocker and the slot for the charger/cable, covered with a protective cover are positioned on the left side. The power button, which is used to turn the display off, the microSD slot, the fast access button and the camera button are positioned on the right-hand side. Due to the lack of a well expressed relief, pressing the side buttons, except the camera one, can sometimes be a hard task. For example, it could be quite difficult if during a call you want to turn the sound down.

Stylus - LG KS20 Review


The LG people have made a strange decision to put the stylus in the lower left corner, as opposed to the right side corners, as in most phones. For the majority of people this could be inconvenient, since they would have to turn the phone around in order to get the stylus. When pulling the stylus out, it extends (since it is telescopic), making it longer and more comfortable to use.

All in black, the back of the phone resembles the Prada’s back panel and the only thing standing out in one of the corners is the camera.

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. (unregistered)

great phone can wait to have it ;-)

posted on 25 Sep 2008, 00:38

10. (unregistered)

I have it...it's crap...DON'T GET IT! Full of problems!

posted on 02 Feb 2008, 09:05

2. gaara (unregistered)

test anybody?

posted on 04 Feb 2008, 06:22

3. bart (unregistered)

Why Skype can only be used for chatting?

posted on 08 Feb 2008, 04:51

4. Massimo (unregistered)

I'm sorry but I can't believe the KS20 (utms) loads web pages slower that the X600 (gprs)...

posted on 10 Feb 2008, 15:08

5. Mikael Holmberg (unregistered)

Are you sure voice calling with skype failed because of poor ram availibility? Couldnt it have been poor network coverage? Do you know the upload speed capacity of the device?

posted on 05 Mar 2008, 05:15

6. Q (unregistered)

Is it true that phone mic is muting when switching between 2g and 3g and it can't be used? and what about gapi support (I have heard most of games are not working at all)?

posted on 18 Apr 2008, 13:57

7. odiakos (unregistered)

is it possible to download a program on this device to enable tv viewing or should i opt for the LG vu if i want that capability?

posted on 01 Jun 2008, 21:46

8. Nokia user (unregistered)

is the phone reliable? i planed to buy one smart phone,anyone can help.If compare with BB 8320 which one is more worth it?tks everyone.

posted on 02 Jul 2008, 18:28

9. meisder (unregistered)

The phone is absolute terrible. I own one since 3 month. The menu is damm slow, and if you are lucky, the standby will be 16-18hours But if you want also to use it as phone, you have to recharge it after latest 8hours. What a terrible phone. The homepage from Lg is also only pure horror. Never ending redirects, links to non existing pages, absolut no support page for this phone (just a short tech spec page). Damm, I wish I had never bought this terrible phone Meisder

posted on 21 Oct 2008, 17:03

11. (unregistered)

Why not: 1- A data backup available directly to the memory card? 2- A direct definition of saving data and media directly to the memory card? All this was highly useful in case of reinitialization...

posted on 02 Dec 2008, 18:06

12. JohnnyBoy (unregistered)

I hate this phone! I smashed it into a million pieces. It's only use is a stress toy. It sucks ballz!

posted on 03 Dec 2010, 04:27

13. bryanfurry (Posts: 3; Member since: 09 Nov 2010)

Not sure how much i appreciate your blog but i am great lover of your blog and visits it frequently! Do you think there are many more boards which are getting so much discussion just because logo design they are posting interesting articles like you! Hope you keep this in future as well!

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OS: Windows Mobile Professional 6.0
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Display2.8 inches, 240 x 320 pixels (143 ppi) TFT
Camera2 megapixels
Size3.91 x 2.28 x 0.49 inches
(99.5 x 58 x 12.5 mm)
3.35 oz  (95 g)
Battery1050 mAh, 4 hours talk time

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