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LG KG920 Review

LG KG920

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LG KG920 Review
LG KG920 Review
Looking at KG920 it is obvious that it was its designer’s idea to give it the look of a digital camera, on a par with a phone. At its back the lens with the flashes are visible, as well as the sensor, informing that this is a 5-megapixel CCD camera (more about this – in the part, dedicated to the camera). The battery lid, which is actually a part of the battery, is jutting out a little and bears more information about the camera. An interesting feature is that the phone’s lower part, on which the camera module is fitted at the back and the phone’s keyboard at the front, is rotating. This is useful for making a self-portrait, but we didn’t find any other special application of this feature, since it is not possible to turn it so that you can take pictures with a camera, which is high up and the display is pointing at you.
LG KG920 Review
LG KG920 Review
LG KG920 Review
LG KG920 Review

There are additional keys, enabling you to use the phone conveniently as a camera. Apart from those on the front, to the left of the display there are two pairs of shortcuts, while to the left there are three more buttons: the two separate buttons for sound control, which are not active while the camera is being used, and the camera’s shortcut, which is also used as a trigger. The four shortcuts next to the display are used for setting the flash and the self-timer, and for the digital zoom, which is not worth using. It would have been more convenient if the sound control buttons did this job. When the camera is not working, the first pair is shortcuts to the MP3 player and Calendar respectively.
Zoom keys - Left side - LG KG920 Review
Self-timer and Flash keys - Left side - LG KG920 Review
Camera button - Left side - LG KG920 Review
Volume keys - Left side - LG KG920 Review

Zoom keys

Self-timer and Flash keys

Camera button

Volume keys

Left side

LG KG920 Review

The main keyboard is located on the rotating module and it surprises with the rather strange disposition of the buttons, obviously intended to make it fit in the module. Unusually, the D-pad is in the right-hand side, rather than over the numbers keys, which, in this case, are rather small. The soft buttons are also very small, but all buttons are fun to press and give a tactile feedback. The buttons stand out clearly, which is also due to the space between them, while the orange light ensures that they are seen well also in the dark.

D-pad - LG KG920 Review
Numeric keys - LG KG920 Review
Soft keys - LG KG920 Review
LG KG920 Review


Numeric keys

Soft keys


LG KG920 Review
Lid release - LG KG920 Review

Lid release

On the reverse side is the camera with the flash, the LED lights and the lid release. It is not active and the software is not activated when it is opened, but anyway the camera detects it and, if you let it go without having removed the lid, the phone will tell you how to do it. The inconvenience is that, after it shows this message, the software will stop and you’ll have to stat it again.

Combining a camera and a phone in one, there’s no way KG920 can avoid the comparatively large size and weight. Although it is pocket-sized, you’ll feel it there and will not forget its presence. It is easily handled and it is easy to work with both vertically, as a phone, and horizontally, as a camera. The main material is plastic, but there are also metal ornaments, which are well-combined and, as a whole, the phone looks good in this respect and is also nice to feel. The structure is extremely stable and even the rotating mechanism does not give you a reason to worry, even after the phone has been used for a few weeks.
LG KG920 Review
LG KG920 Review
LG KG920 Review
LG KG920 Review
LG KG920 Review
LG KG920 Review
LG KG920 Review
LG KG920 Review

LG KG920 Review

The display is just 2 inches, but its resolutions is 240х320 pixels, which is typical for this class and results in a comparatively high DPI ratio and, consequently, a small pixel size, which helps provide smooth images. The screen is bright enough and it is seen well, but it gets fingerprints easily, which can disturb you considerably in bright light. Its colors are authentic, but not too saturated and therefore the pictures look as ‘vivid’ as on some Samsung screens, for example. According to its specification it can visualize 262,000 colors, which is absolutely normal and sufficient.

While there’s nothing on the upper and lower part, to the right there are three plastic lids, covering different couplings. Far down is the miniSD memory slot, which is hot-swappable and its cards can be replaced without switching off the phone. In the middle is the undisguised charger coupling and far up is the headphones coupling. It is LG proprietary, but just like in the case of Chocolate, there is a wire remote control in the set, which is plugged to the phone and the headphones are connected to it by a 3.5 mm stereo jack. This is the solution also applied in Sony Ericsson Walkman phones and maybe this is the best option, apart from having an in-built 3.5 mm/2.5 mm stereo jack.
miniSD slot - LG KG920 Review
Charger port - LG KG920 Review
Headphones port - LG KG920 Review
Wire remote control - LG KG920 Review

miniSD slot

Charger port

Headphones port

Wire remote control

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. Sun (unregistered)

DONT BUY THIS PATHETIC PHONE. 1) it does not work in Windows vista and there are no drivers or firmware updates for it. 2) Support persons are completely useless. they are just clue less about it. Idiots! 3) Phone wont let u use its internal memory. Only the external memory.Which is VERY slow. 4) This phone has more or HAVE NOTS rather than HAVEs 5) Still a long way to go for LG to make a really usable and user friendly phone.

posted on 14 Nov 2008, 00:13

2. rigved123 (unregistered)

thanx for the review phonearena check out my review at : http://www.techreviews4u.com/?p=2231

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Display240 x 320 pixels TFT
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Battery820 mAh, 3 hours talk time

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