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LG KF700 Review

LG KF700

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Homescreen - LG KF700 Review
Widgets Menu - LG KF700 Review


Widgets Menu

In term of software, LG KF700 is similar to the other non-smartphones with a sensitive display by the manufacturer, including Viewty and PRADA. The few changes here are mostly positive.

The homescreen can be animated (with the default pictures being Keith Haring’s heritage, as in KF600), which adds freshness to the image of the phone. In the bottom part there are four shortcuts leading to key functions: number input, phonebook, messages and the main menu. They are large enough to be pressed by fingers and are very well combined with the excellent sensitivity of the display so operating them is trouble free.

Here you will meet the first innovation in KF700’s interface:


They are called from the arrow, located below the upper border of the display. There are four available variants:

- Analog clock – which offers fast access to the alarms settings
- Double digital clock – it can show the time in your city and in an additional one of your choice
- Calendar – you see the entire month, with the marked event days, but the functionality is limited and you can only see the daily events
- Notes – you can only write one note, to remind you of important events. The good news is that it comes in 6 color variants.

Widgets - LG KF700 Review
Widgets - LG KF700 Review
Widgets - LG KF700 Review
Widgets - LG KF700 Review


Unfortunately, the functionality of these applications is extremely limited. You cannot have more than one visualized nor can you move them around freely (even the clock in contrast to PRADA and Viewty).

Nevertheless, when talking about navigation, KF700 has another Ace in its sleeve:

Shortcut dial

As we mentioned above, it is definitely not a revolutionary invention, but can be handy, since it offers fast access to a number shortcuts. The list appears when you press the button on the left side, no matter the menu you are in (excluding the games). The screen you have been looking at until now, becomes a background, but after you are done with a specific function, you are taken back where you’ve been. Switching to the different items is done via the wheel, and the options are selected, by using the button on the left. The menus housed here by default are:
LG KF700 Review
LG KF700 Review
LG KF700 Review

- O2 Active – access to the directory, and the versions not associated with a provider this space is reserved for a shortcut to YouTube Video
- Album – containing both, your pictures and videos
- Music Player
- Camcorder
- FM Radio
- Shortcut-dial settings – and yes, the good news is that this menu can be personalized by selecting different options to be available in it. You can place almost everything here, except the phonebook and a shortcut to the main menu

If you think a little bit more on how to order the icons and combine them with the ones from the homepage, you can drastically diminish the necessity to enter the main menu. It is not pleasant that you are limited to having a total of only five choices.

LG KF700 Review

In the upper part of the screen in almost all menus (not including the main menu, camera and album) there is a line with 4 shortcuts. The first leads to the multitasking menu, which shows all the applications running and you can easily stop any of them or easily switch to another one.

If you press the top row (the one containing the system info) you will open an info screen with the detailed info about the phone’s status, including 3 more shortcuts.

LG KF700 Review
LG KF700 Review
Main menu

The main menu is divided in four tabs (Phone functions, Multimedia, Organizer, and Settings). Everything in it is arranged very logically and even the people who are first-time users of this interface will not have any troubles. The icons have animated transition, but that has barely reflected on the fast menu opening. They look good, but unfortunately, only two color schemes are available – black and blue ( called Sky) You have almost no options to personalize their appearance. After we saw how easy it is to create your own theme right in the phone in Samsung (Soul), we find the lack of such an option here for a serious drawback.

KF700 has four predefined profiles and three for user customization. All they can be changed, allowing for different ringing types and tones, as well as three vibration (haptic feedback) types and levels (up to 7). Unfortunately, the scrolling problem in the menus still remains (for example in the dual clock on the homepage), where instead of „catch and push”, you’ll have to use the small inconvenient arrows on the side.


The Phonebook is similar to the one seen in Viewty or in other words, the best LG offers in its non-smart phones. The names are big and very easily read, but regrettably, the caller ID picture does not appear even when a given contact has been selected. To search for a contact you can either input symbols via the hardware or the virtual keyboard, which is visualized on the screen when the phone is open.
The last one is very user-friendly with very large buttons. Luckily, the system searches for matches in both names of a contact.

LG KF700 Review
LG KF700 Review
LG KF700 Review
LG KF700 Review

Adding a contact offers you fields for names, up to five numbers (no matter their type), two emails and a full address. Of course, each phonebook entry can have a personal image and ringtone, as well as being added to a group.

LG KF700 Review


Similarly to the phonebook, you can either use the hardware or the virtual keyboard by pressing “Dial”. However if you are using the last option, the system will not be able to search automatically for number matches in the phonebook and the call history, but instead, you’ll have to use the “search contacts”. No matter what you do, you will not be able to get a name match, which makes that option almost pointless.


The third tab in the main menu houses all the organizer tools. Total of five alarms can be added, each with a separate time, recurrence options, name and tone. A few clicks are required to add an event (Appointment, Anniversary, or Birthday) to the calendar. Optional fields include subject/name, location, alarm and recurrence options. You are also able to search for text in the events added. Tasks can be added with three priority levels, while memos are just plain notes without any options. There also are a simple calculator, a world clock and a currency converter.

You also have the option of recording sound, with the size of the file depending on the memory available. Unfortunately, the quality level is not very good. There’s an annoying background sound and overall, the sound is not loud enough unless you record with the phone very close to your mouth.

LG KF700 Review
LG KF700 Review
LG KF700 Review
LG KF700 Review
LG KF700 Review

The phone lacks real File Manager, which allows you to preview all files stored in the integrated memory or the card. It is replaced with the more typical for non-smart phones, browser that filters the files by their type (Pictures, Audio, Video, Applications, Documents, Flash, Others). Every time any of the filters is selected, it searches the available content, which takes some time to load.

KF700 is equipped with a 176MB built-in memory (strangely, according to LG’s official specifications it, is 90MB), which can be expanded up to 4 GB via a microSD HC card.

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. eprice12 (Posts: 1; Member since: 23 Dec 2008)

I bought a KF 700 about one month ago. The monitor is extremely power demanding. I used the factory setting and talked a few calls, took a few photos with flash and listened about 1 hr mp3, it lasted less than one day and needed recharging! Secondly, it is easy to accidentally touch the screen when using a certain function. This will interrupt the function in use and change to other undesired function. Moreover, the monitor becomes dim very soon so as to save power. This means that one needs to touch it again and again from time to time in order to makes the monitor visible if he wants to continue to use it. The photos’ quality (3.2 M) is much worse than the ones taken using SE K750i which the camera’s pixels is 2M only! I missed my K750i very much. L Worst of all, it has only one short cut key(unless I don't know the others, if any). This makes using functions (e.g. alarm/calendar) of the phone very troublesome and time consuming. I regret very much to have bought KF 700. I shall sell it soon and will not buy LG phones in the near future.

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