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LG KF600 Review

LG KF600

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The very good sound quality, is one of the things that LG KF600 should be proud of. When you are listening to music, the sound is clear and the quality depends solely on the file quality. Voices are heard very loud (even extremely loud and we strongly recommend not turning the volume up to the maximum). It’s the same story at the other end of the line, but sometimes there is a light background noise.

Unfortunately, the battery life is not one of the strengths of the model. We understand that two color displays need more juice than one, but we think that a 3-hour talk time is extremely low. It is not cool, having to charge your phone in the middle of a hectic day, with multiple phone calls.

LG KF600 Review


For the time we used the KF600 we had the strange feeling that it’s sole purpose was to promote the InteractPad. That could be the reason for LG to choose a base, which has already passed the market tests – regular slider, which isn’t beautiful, nor ugly and at the same time has average thickness. The Pad is definitely the only element of the phone which we liked 100%. All the other features have at least one considerable drawback.

At least we know that there is future for this kind of interface. It could be used as a backbone for a very good game oriented mobile device. Moreover, with some bling-bling elements added, it could turn into a great fashion phone, successor to the Black Label series.

Overall, the KF600 is exactly what we expected – a good mid-class mobile device with intriguing navigation. If you are a fan of interesting innovations, this phone is just for you. If not, LG’s rivals offer many solutions which to fit your lifestyle and needs…


  • InteractPad
  • Solid make
  • Very good sound quality


  • Not really suitable for multimedia
  • A very uncomfortable keyboard
  • Mediocre camera
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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. (unregistered)

Looks like a Venus.

posted on 13 Apr 2008, 17:43

2. phoner (unregistered)

Honestly, is anyone pretending that this isn't a venus?

posted on 09 May 2008, 23:03

3. Snow White (unregistered)

I'm gonna buy this coz it's really an added zest for a music fancier like me:)

posted on 09 May 2008, 23:04

4. Knight (unregistered)

I like it's music features. I'm a band member so this cool phone really suits my taste.KF600 rocks!

posted on 09 May 2008, 23:06

5. Ironman (unregistered)

Yeah dude I agree with you. Musical lovers must have this new phone!

posted on 09 May 2008, 23:08

6. Cynther (unregistered)

Ladies loves this fone!

posted on 22 Oct 2010, 13:23

7. steve (unregistered)

the interactpad will freeze and that's all, forget it. i have one in my closet

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Display2.0 inches, 240 x 320 pixels (200 ppi) TFT
Camera3 megapixels
Size3.97 x 2.00 x 0.55 inches
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3.77 oz  (107 g)
Battery800 mAh, 3 hours talk time

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