At least at first site, LG KF600 has all the functions necessary, to become a good mid-level media phone. It has 25 MB of built-in memory for pictures, videos, music and JAVA applications, plus the inconvenient microSD slot mentioned above.

It supports many formats, including MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, WMA, WAV, RA , and the interface is pleasant, without being original. When the music player is activated, the InteractPad becomes its control panel, offering the following options– play/pause, next/previous song (FFWD/RWD if held pressed), playlist shortcut and settings. The last two let you choose between 10 different equalizer presets, which you can modify or create your own. You can also create playlists with your favorite music, open recent songs, favorite songs and on the go list. The biggest drawback is that you cannot sort tracks by title, artist, genre, year and others similar like in most modern players. In addition, the phone disposes of an FM radio (you have to plug in the headphones, of course) and a voice recorder.

Even though the official data supplied by the manufacturer indicates that, the device supports MPEG4 and H.263. file formats, the video playback is terrible. Due to the lack of sufficient resources, videos with QVGA resolution and high fps skip frames. Overall, the phone cannot be used for watching high-quality videos.

To our greatest regret, the manufacturer keeps making the same mistakes as in its previous models. Forget about naming folders. Be a good boy/girl and put the videos in the folder named videos and the music in the one named sounds (this applies for the memory card too). If you don’t do that (lets not forget the phone model is 2008), the phone insists that they do not exist. Considering the lack of a software filter, the only way to arrange your music is via playlists, which is inconvenient.


Quality photographs are not one of LG’s specialties and even their high-tech models, such as the Viewty, perform far from excellent. That’s why we didn’t expect anything special from the KF600.

First, the good news. Once more, the InteractPad performed very well – the buttons are big and easy to use, giving access to a good number of functions. According to us, the manufacturer can successfully use that feature in its future models. Besides the standard resolution settings, white balance, self-timer etc., some interesting innovations have been included. We were pleasantly impressed, by the many shooting mode options – auto, portrait, scene, sports, night. In addition, the user is given the choice of various color effects (sepia, mono, negative and portrait enhancer), to take a better picture of a loved one. The picture stabilizer would have been very useful, especially if you are a coffee addict or if it actually worked.

3-megapixel camera with autofocus and flash (even a non-Xenon one) sounds pretty promising for a mid-level phone. Actually, what you are getting is a device, capable of digital zooming in video mode only, average picture quality, compared to the competition and a very impractical flash. The latter has only two settings; on, where it is lit constantly (not only when you press the camera button) and off. Every time you want to use the flash, you will have to manually turn it on in the menu.

This feature of the KF600 disappointed us. At present, on the market there are many mid –level devices, which offer much higher quality. Despite the good resolution, the pictures made with the phone can only be used to prove that you have been somewhere, but quality-wise there is a lot more to ask for.


As we already said, KF600 offers JAVA support for applications. The only such preloaded are two games – Mini Game World and Thomsons & Touch. Those actually represent, two collections of mini games for endless pleasure. Why are we so enthusiastic about them? Again, the reason is the InteractPad. Using it as a controller is a unique experience. No matter if, you are catching falling pancakes and frying pans, or helping a cute elf jump on a rope, you are up for a serious dose of entertainment. This brings us to the idea that, this interface can become the backbone for a very successful, child oriented device or such, targeting adults who don’t want to grow up.

When using JAVA applications, not suited for the InteractPad, it transforms into a standard shaped D-pad and lets have controls as in a regular phone.

The model has a document viewer, which opens word files, excel tables, and pdf documents, as long as they are not a product of Microsoft Office 2007. Unfortunately, you can’t scroll lightly as in the menus and moving up/down or zooming is slow.



1. unregistered

Looks like a Venus.

2. phoner unregistered

Honestly, is anyone pretending that this isn't a venus?

3. Snow White unregistered

I'm gonna buy this coz it's really an added zest for a music fancier like me:)

4. Knight unregistered

I like it's music features. I'm a band member so this cool phone really suits my taste.KF600 rocks!

5. Ironman unregistered

Yeah dude I agree with you. Musical lovers must have this new phone!

6. Cynther unregistered

Ladies loves this fone!

7. steve unregistered

the interactpad will freeze and that's all, forget it. i have one in my closet
  • Display 2.0" 240 x 320 pixels
  • Camera 3 MP
  • Storage 0.025 GB
  • Battery 800 mAh(3.00h talk time)

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