As we have already mentioned, what makes KF600 from all the other LG models, is the InteractPad, which offers you many advantages. In the full touch phones, for example, you have a large (about 3”) display and you have to move your hand from top to bottom and vice verse. On the other hand, the InteractPad is relatively small (1.5”) and is always within reach, which is far more convenient. Compared to the rest of the models with hardware or touch D-pad, it has a huge advantage. The change, corresponding to the active application, brings the most frequently used options always “at touch”. It also frees the main display from unnecessary icons.

If it wasn’t for Samsung Soul’s “Magic Touch” screen, LG’s invention would win the competition. The software and the send/end buttons in Soul are not a part of the touch. In contrast to the keys of the KF600, they are illuminated in boring colors and their size and shape do not change, even though the full bright colors of the LG phone made us press the main screen, thinking it is touch sensitive.

The true beauty of this interface is revealed when you choose one of the start shortcuts. They are divided in two rows, with three icons on each. Only two of them cannot be changed, the main menu one and the phonebook shortcut (respectively, upper left and right). The other four, by default are messaging, alarm clock, profiles and quick screen saver. The last one is an interesting innovation; by using it, you can hide the icons on the small display and enjoy the theme or wallpaper, covering that area as well.

If you choose profiles, for example, you won’t have to scroll through all the possibilities, since they are shown on the display and can be activated through a single touch. Unfortunately, if you want to personalize those, you will have to enter in the main menu.

Overall, the debut of the InteractPad left us with very good feelings. It is definitely not something revolutionary, but working with it is very pleasant. Pressing the Activate, Open or the huge Close button, which takes up a big part of the screen, instead of the “soulless” OK one, for example, is way different. The automatic display lock during a call is another small, but useful extra is, which prevents unintended hang-ups, due to a contact with the cheek.


Like in the higher class LG models, the home screen is animated as well. LG has even gone a little further and has given you eight themes by default. They are pleasant and catch the eye, but unfortunately, the background does not change. Their biggest drawback is the fact that only the colors change and the appearance of the icons in the main menu doesn’t.

The main menu can be viewed as a 3x3 grid or a list. Once you enter it, the InteractPad becomes a 4-way navigation pad with a Back (duplicate of C on the hardware keypad) and a Confirmation (OK) buttons. If up until now you have used a phone with 5-way navigation (D-pad or joystick), you will have to get used to the fact that the OK is not in the center. If there are small marks between the arrows, then you can lightly scroll, by holding your finger down and moving it up/down or left/right.

Similar to older models, no matter the menu you are in, you can always go to the previous/next one, by tapping the arrows left/right.

On incoming call, you can just push the slider up to accept it (the corresponding option has to be activated in the settings menu). You can also use the answer/reject buttons, hidden under the slider, or rely on the touch pad. It offers the same options as the hardware buttons, plus Silence. We can note that the manufacturer has made an effort, to make enough options available to the user when the phone is closed. In such a situation for example, you will be able to unlock the small display, by holding down the camera shutter and tapping on some of the icons.


You can keep up to 1000 contacts, each with several different numbers (mobile, home, office, etc.), picture, e-mail, personal ringtone, and a note. They can be organized in groups with specific picture or melody added. It’s strange though that you can only change the way the contacts appear in the phonebook – indicating the number or showing the picture attached, if any. Searching is done only by the first word of the name. You are not able to select a few contacts and to copy them to the SIM or the other way around, but there are the multi delete, copy all and delete all options. The last two are only accessible if you enter the Phonebook via the main menu.

The designers, who have done such a good job with the themes, have neglected the dialing interface. None of the three variants (music, lawn, patch style) does fit the overall menu appearance. It has a low-level functionality as well – you are not able to search for matching results in the Phonebook or the call history, by directly inputting a number from the keyboard, as seen in Sony Ericsson, Motorola...
You still have the separate lists for missed, dialed, and received numbers.


KF600 is not a device rich in organizing functions and the ones available can be found in the Tools menu. The Alarm clock is one of the functions with the most options, where you can set up to five different alert times. The fact that it takes into consideration the profile the phone is in, is a pretty good idea. And the alarm, reminding you to buy flowers for your wife’s birthday, won’t interrupt the intimate moments you are spending with your mistress.

The calendar doesn’t have different view options and you see a full month on the screen at all times. For creating a schedule, you have the standard settings, including time, duration, alarm etc. There is no title field and the entire text has to be input as a subject.

You can make short notes in the form of a memo. Because of the inconvenient keyboard, we think you will rarely use this alternative.

All of the options mentioned above come in addition to the standard applications – calculator, stopwatch, unit converter, world clock. However, voice commands are not available with the KF600.



1. unregistered

Looks like a Venus.

2. phoner unregistered

Honestly, is anyone pretending that this isn't a venus?

3. Snow White unregistered

I'm gonna buy this coz it's really an added zest for a music fancier like me:)

4. Knight unregistered

I like it's music features. I'm a band member so this cool phone really suits my taste.KF600 rocks!

5. Ironman unregistered

Yeah dude I agree with you. Musical lovers must have this new phone!

6. Cynther unregistered

Ladies loves this fone!

7. steve unregistered

the interactpad will freeze and that's all, forget it. i have one in my closet
  • Display 2.0" 240 x 320 pixels
  • Camera 3 MP
  • Storage 0.025 GB
  • Battery 800 mAh(3.00h talk time)

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