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LG KF510 Review

LG KF510

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LG KG510’s interface resembles the LG Shine’s, but is slightly updated and looks better. The home screen is standard with the system indicators and the clock in the upper part. In its bottom, we see the functions of the two soft buttons. In KF510, the user is able to personalize the phone’s appearance, by using the various themes. The phone comes preloaded with three of those, animated wallpapers, and the choice of few font types.

Grid - Main Menu - LG KF510 Review
List - Main Menu - LG KF510 Review



Main Menu

Home Screen - LG KF510 Review
Themes - LG KF510 Review

Home Screen


There are two ways of visualizing the main menu: as a 3 x 4 grid or as a list. Unfortunately, the order of the icons cannot be changed. There is a number indication before every single option, which corresponds to the numeric keys. This lets you get to the most frequently used functions, by just a few clicks.

All sub-menus are visualized as a vertical list, preceded by numbers as well. Similar to earlier models, by using the left/right arrow you are able to jump to the previous/next one, no matter the sub-menu you are in.


The phonebook’s capacity is 1000 contacts with the ability to add up to four numbers and an e-mail for each. Other options include group association, ringtone, picture, date of birth, and a short note. Unfortunately, the phone doesn’t let you search by second name or to choose a few contacts, which to copy (from-to the SIM or another phone). You can at least delete all contacts at once if you want to.

LG KF510 Review
LG KF510 Review
LG KF510 Review
LG KF510 Review


You have the choice of three themes for the dialing field: Music book, Lawn and Digital. Only the last one was appropriate for us, since the other ones do not fit the vision of the interface. Similar to the products of other manufacturers, here, when inputting a number from the key board, the phone will also try to predict the number you are dialing, by matching it with any contacts, outgoing, incoming or missed calls. In contrast to other phones, in order to start searching for a match in KF510, you have to press the D-pad and it is not activated automatically.

Dialer Styles - LG KF510 Review
Digital - LG KF510 Review
Lawn - LG KF510 Review
Music - LG KF510 Review

Dialer Styles





As far as the organizer goes, KF510 doesn’t offer many functions. The options are divided in the Organizer and Tools menus. The first has reminder notes and a calendar, which can be viewed only as an entire month or a given day. You can fill in your daily schedule and setup a corresponding alarm. Unfortunately, you cannot choose the type of event, such as a holiday, meeting, birthday etc.

The menu Tools houses Alarms, Calculator, Chronometer, Unit converter and World Clock. These are standard and nothing will surprise you. Voice command options are not present at all.

Calendar - LG KF510 Review
Memo - LG KF510 Review
Tools - LG KF510 Review
Alarm - LG KF510 Review





Calculator - LG KF510 Review
Stopwatch - LG KF510 Review
Unit Converter - LG KF510 Review
World Clock - LG KF510 Review



Unit Converter

World Clock

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