As a whole, the interface is the typical for the manufacturer, but here, it is simpler compared to the version seen in the top models. The homescreen houses the standard indicators and you can add an animated GIF picture. The main menu icons come in the standard 3x4 grid and are not animated, but you can also view them as a vertical list. In both cases, there is a symbol right next to each icon, corresponding to a button on the keyboard for easier navigation. Unfortunately, there are only a few options to change the way the menus are visualized, including 2 themes and 2 different fonts.

The most interesting option offered by KF310 is the multitasking. It is executed by using a button from the keyboard. There are almost no limitations as per the choice of menus and applications activated simultaneously. Their total number can be 22, but unfortunately, you’ll have to close them separately. That is so, because the multitasking menu is illogically deactivated from the Clear indicated on the screen. However, considering the class of the phone, this option is quite impressive.


Here you can store up to 500 contacts, with 5 numbers for each, 2 e-mails, a picture (avatar or photograph), ringtone or a video, 2 addresses and groups. Looking through the list, if there are names with multiple numbers or emails, a line appears in the bottom of the screen, giving you the option to choose one.

The LG model continues to surprise us, after we figured out that it can search through the contacts by second name. In addition, when dialing a number, you can search for matches in the contacts (selected manually from the options).


In this menu, you will find Calendar, To-do, Notes, Secret notes and Search by date.

The Calendar can be viewed as a month or week. The second one appears as a daily schedule where you have the option to automatically set a day off. From the settings, you can also send your entire schedule and To-dos to another device via Bluetooth or to backup the info, if you have a microSD card in place.

The To-Do notes can only have a set date, a short text, and priority. The notes are intended for larger texts, but they are limited to 1000 symbols.

The secret notes share a password and no one will even see their titles unless they enter the correct code.

In the Tools menu, you’ll find the Quick menu, Alarms, Calculator, Timer, Unit converter and World clock. Using the first one, you can add up to 10 shortcuts of your choice, including almost all options offered by the phone.

The rest of the functions are standard for the organizer and nothing will surprise you.
Unfortunately, the phone doesn’t offer voice commands, which is not such a big drawback.

If you think that the 75 MB built-in memory is not enough, there is a microSD expansion slot.

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