LG KC780 is a snappy phone that almost never gets sluggish while navigate around menus. It´s only camera that is so maddeningly slow it makes you feel as if you were driving down a road with speed bumps all over. Still, we are pretty happy with the overall responsiveness of the phone. After all, whether or not menus respond in 6 or 7 milliseconds is not an important thing in our books. How it fares when it comes to calls though, is. The KC780 put on an admirable performance with this regard. During our tests people were able to hear us loud and clear, although voices sounded a bit muffled and sharp on our end. Still, we were able to understand what we were being told with no problem at all. The phone has a built-in speaker, but this hardly comes as a surprise. To have one is nice indeed, although we would´ve felt much better if it was actually usable. Truth be told, audio quality is pretty good, the thing is sound lacks enough punch and you will find yourself unable to understand people in even not overly noisy environment.


As a whole, we are content with the device. Unfortunately it failed to perform properly in both key areas, namely camera and video playback. The LG KC780 should be capable of DivX playback, but its software couldn´t even find the video files. Snapping a shot takes about 25 seconds, while picture quality is not even at par with what the competition offers. The good news is all these issues are easily addressed and fixed with a software update. As of now, the KC780 is offered at pretty much the same price as the LG Renoir, Samsung Pixon or Sony Ericsson C905, so we would advise you to research your options. They seem to be much better!

LG KC780 Video Review:


  • 8-megapixel camera
  • Decent in-call quality
  • Nice display


  • Camera is excruciatingly slow
  • Supports DivX files, but cannot find them at all
  • Snapshots look worn-out

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