Normally this is the time when we go about the home screen, main and contacts menus etc, but today we are skipping this part. You wonder why? Interface of the LG KC780 is virtually the same as the KC550, still looks upbeat, modern and as easy to use as ever. So let´s get straight to the things this phone has been designed for, namely camera and multimedia. If you still want to know more about the interface, please read our review of the LG KC550. And yes, we almost forgot - there is only one new thing the KC780 brings out in terms of interface – pressing the back button while at the home screen causes a small app to appear on screen. The phone comes with only three of these – clock, calendar and gallery. To make sure most people find these apps appealing, the manufacturer provides three different skins, so you can switch to the one you like most.


Even if not brimming with extra features, audio player looks cool and offers almost everything you might come to need. It provides filtering by artist, album and genre or simply displays a huge list of all songs you have on the phone. Once you´ve started listening, you can access the equalizer menu and choose one of the ten presets to best suit your taste. If you feel like surfing the Web while the audio player is running, you don´t need to turn it off since it also works in the background. Unfortunately, there is no option to visualize album art.

In case you feel tired of listening to all the same music over and over again, turn the FM radio on; just remember you need to plug the earphones in. 

Now, let´s get to videos. According to the spec list, the LG KC780 should be able to support DivX files, although our particular unit failed to recognize them, no matter if the file was in .AVI or .DIVX format. Then we tried out an H.264 video, we were even more unpleasantly surprised to find out audio was good, but the video stream was missing. In desperation, we decided to have a shot at an H.263 video file and guess what - video content with resolution up to 720x304 pixels ran smoothly with no issues whatsoever. When we get the LG´s response on our findings, we will update the review.


Now, we´ve just made it to the part that has surely made most of you start reading this particular review. In other words, the camera. As we mentioned at the beginning, it´s 8-megapixel one that, aside from the stunning resolution, also features autofocus, LED flash, image stabilizer, manual focus, face detection and a bunch of other options. Erm, did we mention you could take panoramic snapshots? In this particular case they consist of three smaller pictures. The right hand part of the first shot appears on screen as soon as you´ve snapped it so as to help you align and take the second and so on. Promising, isn´t it? Unfortunately, camera interface is one of the slowest we have ever seen to date. Pictures are finished in no less but 6-7 seconds after you press the shutter. But this is not all.  You need another 20 seconds until the picture is finally saved and you get to the next one. Needless to say, this is extremely annoying and we do hope a software update comes out soon.

Don´t worry, we are getting to the image quality, no need to get pushy. Camera provides enough details to outdoor pictures, although colors in some of our test shots were a bit blurry. Situation gets much worse when you take the phone indoors. Almost nine out of ten pictures had so much image noise that we thought we had inadvertently put a filter in front of the camera, since they looked like they were taken in a fog. The level of details remained decent, but the above issue makes using the camera indoors pretty pointless.

The LG KC780 can capture videos with maximum resolution of 720x480 pixels at 15 frames per second. As a whole, they are usable, although lacked enough details. Have you seen “Time warp” on “Discovery channel”? They use fast motion cameras and then show you how things look in slow motion. The KC780 can do that too, but it´s a shame the maximum resolution is limited to just 320x240 pixels in this case, meaning they are only watchable on cell phones or YouTube.

LG KC780 sample video at 720x480 pixels resolution

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