The key feature in KC550 is its 5-megapixel camera with Schneider-KREUZNACH autofocus lens. We know the interface from previous models and it is easy and pleasant to work with. In KF510 for example, there is an icon bar on the right to some of the functions but here the markings for these shortcuts are placed in the very D-pad. Its directions give access to the choice of focus, flash mode, the antishake option and the gallery. The rest of the options offered by the interface include ISO sensitivity adjustment, white balance, various color effects, choice of resolution and quality, shooting mode, self-portrait. Once you snap a picture, you’ll have to wait for 7-8 seconds to be able to take the next one, which is normal compared to the top cameraphones.

The outdoor image level of detail was a nice surprise. It is very good and identical to the one of G600, which ranked first in our last 5-megapixel comparison. To our regret, there is a problem with the colors, since they are not real at all, but the overall picture quality in natural light is quite good.

In artificial light however, the quality is mediocre and in darker environments it is very low, once again like in G600. The flash does not help much either, because it is weak and does not illuminate well enough the object photographed in order to get images with good details and colors. The night pictures are with a high level of detail but the brighter colors are overexposed and unreal. Overall, KC550’s camera is not better than the ones of the top cameraphones, but to some extent, this is justified by affordable price.

Viewing pictures as thumbnails is quick. The claims for the good potential of the processor is clearly felt when opening images in full size and zooming in/out. These commands are executed almost immediately, but we have a comment to make. When viewing an image and holding the phone vertically, the center of the D-pad has an option for zoom, but if it’s not activated and you turn KC550 horizontally, the accelerometer rotates the image automatically and shows it full screen, with the feature not available.

The camcorder can record videos with DVD resolution (720 x 480 pixels), which is quite good but they are only 15 fps. While filming, you can pause and continue later which allows combining a few situations in one video. The quality is close to the best cameraphones but due to the 3GP compression, there are more annoying artifacts.

LG KC550 sample video at 720x480 pixels resolution


In this menu you will find the music player. It can sort the tracks by a few criteria: All songs, My playlist, Artists, Albums and Genres, and its interface is pleasant and easy to use. You have options to repeat all songs, play them shuffled and there are a few preset equalizers and background play. When using the last one, you will not find any controls on the home screen.

If you get tired of the uploaded tunes, you can turn on the FM radio. In that case, you’ll have to use the earphones as an antenna. The interface is user-friendly and let’s you store up to 12 favorite stations, whose positions correspond to the buttons on the numeric keypad. Unfortunately, the radio does not support background mode.

Listening to music via the loudspeaker is annoying, because of the low sound quality. In addition, when the volume is turned up to the max, a crackling noise can be heard. Using the earphones doesn’t change the situation much. The music is clear but again, when the volume is at the maximum level, the same crackling noise can be heard. Unfortunately, a 3.5mm jack adapter has not been included in the package in case you want a better sound. Its price varies between 6 and 19 dollars and you will have to buy headphones separately.

The video player is started by opening a video file. Just turn the phone horizontally and thanks to the accelerometer, you will be viewing the clip in full screen. Nowadays this is not something innovative but is convenient nevertheless.

The phone can only play mp4 files, converted with an MPEG4 or H.263 codec, a bitrate not more than 1080 kbps and 25 fps. The maximum resolution supported is DVD (720x480 pixels). However, that’s pointless, unless you watch them on a big screen (via the TV-out), because the display resolution of 320x240 megapixels is not enough to sense the difference in quality between DVD and QVGA files. Since a cable is not included in the package, you’ll have to buy a one (about $24).

The reproduction of H264 videos is accompanied by blockings of the picture or its total lack. This is sad since they offer a much better quality. On this display, a H.264 video in QVGA resolution looks even better than the ones in DVD.


The LG phone is equipped with software that opens Microsoft Office 2003 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and PDF documents. They can be viewed easily, but if opening larger files there is a slight lag. Since KC550 supports JAVA MIDP 2.0, you’ll be able to use applications designed for this platform.

The games can be found in the Games & Apps, divided in two menus. M-toy is the first one and it contains 6 games controlled with the accelerometer we’ve previously seen in Secret. They are not much fun but are still good to waste some time.

In the Games submenu we have Extreme Skateboard and another one we are familiar with - Mini Game World. The first one looks complicated but you’ll get used to it quickly, and Mini Game World is for little kids.

The KC550 comes preloaded with an application called “Muvee studio”, which is used for creating of video slideshows. You must choose the movie style (transitions type) which determines the maximum number of pictures you can include, then load the images and create a movie (with music) out of them. While not being of an upmost importance, this program allows to easily combine (directly on the phone) a few images into a short video clip (320x240 pixels) that is suitable for uploading in sites such as YouTube.



1. unregistered

it is clone of n95 iphone and sony cybershot eriksuns

2. xen_nsu unregistered

yeah cool

3. unregistered

It's not capable of 30 fps at any resolution. Always 15 fps.

4. unregistered

It's capable of 30 fps since the 10g software update
  • Display 2.4" 240 x 320 pixels
  • Camera 5 MP
  • Storage 0.012 GB
  • Battery 900 mAh(6.00h talk time)

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