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LG KC550 Review

LG KC550

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Homescreen - LG KC550 Review
Homescreen - LG KC550 Review
Homescreen - LG KC550 Review


For homescreen background, you have preloaded static and flash animated wallpapers. Part of the second type rotate influenced by the accelerometer, but the more interesting thing here is that you can use one of the games (Dart, Maze or Magic Ball) for a background and play it.

The main menu is viewed as either a 3x4 grid or a vertical list. In front of every icon there is a number, corresponding to the buttons of the numeric keypad. This lets you activate the most frequently used functions faster and pressing less keys.

Grid - Main Menu - LG KC550 Review
List - Main Menu - LG KC550 Review



Main Menu

All sub-menus are visualized as a vertical list, preceded by numbers as well. Similar to earlier models, by using the left/right arrow you are able to jump to the previous/next one, no matter the sub-menu you are in.

LG KC550 Review
LG KC550 Review
LG KC550 Review

The phonebook stores up to 1000 contacts, and each of them can have up to four numbers and an e-mail address. In addition, you have the choice of a group, ringtone, image, date of birth and a short note. Unfortunately, the phone doesn’t offer search by second name or selecting multiple contacts and copying or sending them (from a SIM card or another phone).


In the dialing screen you have the choice of three themes: newspring, lawn and sketchbook. You can also search for matches in the phonebook and the call log. This is a nice feature but we’d like it to be automatically activated.

LG KC550 Review
LG KC550 Review
LG KC550 Review
LG KC550 Review


KC550 doesn’t offer a very rich organizing functionality. The options it has are separated in the menus Organizer and Tools. The first one contains memo and calendar, which cannot be viewed as weeks, and only as a whole month or a specific day. For the daily view, there is an option to enter an alarm but unfortunately, you can’t note the type of the event (e.g. holiday, birthday etc.).

LG KC550 Review
Calendar - LG KC550 Review
LG KC550 Review
Memo - LG KC550 Review




The menu Tools houses Alarms, Calculator, Stopwatch, Unit converter and World Clock. These are standard and nothing will surprise you. Voice command options are not present at all.

Overall, KC550 is not pretentious in this aspect and this is not a huge drawback.

LG KC550 Review
Alarms - LG KC550 Review
Calculator - LG KC550 Review



Stopwatch - LG KC550 Review
Unit Converter - LG KC550 Review
World Clock - LG KC550 Review


Unit Converter

World Clock

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Display2.4 inches, 240 x 320 pixels (167 ppi) TFT
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Battery900 mAh, 6 hours talk time

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