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Considering that this is the first LG device on AT&T's lineup that uses the Windows Mobile platform, it was interesting to see how they pull it off. We're curious to see how they can personalize the system and optimized it to differentiate the INCTIE from others. It's imperative for manufacturers to wow users with a distinct looking interface that overshadows the underlying aging operating system.

Home screen - LG INCITE Review
Main menu - LG INCITE Review

Home screen

Main menu

We're not sure about the amount of time invested in the planning and development of the interface. But we were disappointed with the layout of the home screen - it looks as they optimized it to work with the stylus more than a finger. The default theme was a perfect example that showcased tiny icons that make it difficult to navigate without the use of the stylus. The digital clock is most visible on the home screen with the current weather and temperature displayed underneath it. You'll find other home screens to choose in the settings menus, but the only thing different with them is the color layout. The only finger friendly icons are the ones found on the bottom of the home screen that gives you access to the dialing pad, contacts, messages, favorites, and LG's proprietary interface. It's the same user interface used in the Vu and Glimmer. Granted though, navigating through it is a bit easier thanks to the larger sized icons and less menu screens via the start button.

Dialing a number was no problem with the large dial pad. Regrettably, the lack of fine tuning coupled with unresponsive touch recognition ruins the experience for LG’s first try at Windows Mobile.
Contacts - LG INCITE Review
Contacts - LG INCITE Review


We found ourselves frustrated with the amount of pressing on the screen in order for the phone to accurately recognize what we wanted to touch.

As with other Windows Mobile Professional phones, you can store as many contacts as the phone’s memory can hold. From more traditional pieces of information such as phone numbers to obscure things like children, you can put in a lot of information for a single contact.

You can add an assortment of e-mail addresses and sync over the air using Microsoft Exchange Server. There is nothing different with the messaging options when compared to other such phones except that the QWERTY keyboard option for inputting text takes up almost the entire screen. It became extremely frustrating having to scroll to a certain area on screen with the QWERTY displayed. You can always opt to use the WM keyboard which uses up less room; just be prepared to use the stylus. On top of that, you really need to push into the screen for the phone to recognize something. The best input method we found was the XT9 keypad for predictive text. 

Handwriting recognition - LG INCITE Review

Handwriting recognition


Although there is no flash present, the auto focusing 3-megapixel camera produces some detailed images. The phone did a good job of taking photos in low lit areas; automatically brightening the image while maintaining some detail.  Colors on the other hand looked a little washed out in both indoor and outdoor shots. Videos can be recorded at a variety of resolutions from 128x94 to 400x240 pixels.  Choppy frame rates littered video capture at the highest resolution; showing off jerky movements. While recording at a lower resolution of 320x240 proved to be a little bit better. Audio quality from the videos was quite clear and distinct without any noticeable loss in clarity. The interface for both photo and video use provided some options to the user such as shooting modes, white balance, and color effects to name a few. The INCITE is a Video Share capable handset, but we were unable to test out the feature. It allows you to place a phone call while sending real time video to the other person at the same time.


Strong light - Indoor samples - LG INCITE Review
Medium light - Indoor samples - LG INCITE Review
Low light - Indoor samples - LG INCITE Review

Strong light

Medium light

Low light

Indoor samples

There was nothing special with the Windows Media player on the Incite. Not surprisingly, there were no other skins found except for the default one. So using the stylus will be key in order to navigate while we found using a finger more frustrating at times. The album cover and song title are displayed on screen with tiny buttons to pause, forward, rewind, and control volume. The volume rocker on the side does not control the sound level for Windows Media Player. Instead, it only changes the ringing and system volume for the device. So we were stuck having to press the small buttons to control the sound level. Other music programs that came installed with the phone were XM Radio, MusicID, and Pandora. Although the INCITE does not include a separate speaker aside the one found on the front using for phone calls, it did a pretty good job without much distortion. You can even use your own pair of wired headphones to keep your music to yourself. We found the quality to be average and lacking some needed bass to give that extra power. Music lovers will be glad to know that the device supports stereo Bluetooth.

Another good area that the INCITE proved to do well in was video playback. We were able to load up a movie trailer in 320x136 H.264 format using Windows Media Player without any hiccups. Frame rate was steady while maintaining good quality and color. Considering that the INCITE comes with an accelerometer, we would have assumed that LG would integrate it seamlessly into the player. Like many other things we found lacking on the phone, you still have to press a button to view in landscape.

World travelers will find the INCITE’s global quad-band (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) capabilities to be sufficient with tri-band UMTS (850/1900/2100 MHz). You will be able to pair it up with various wireless Bluetooth headsets and transfer data wirelessly between devices.  

It’s been the staple of every Windows Mobile handset; Pocket Internet Explorer just does not do justice with web browsing. You’ll find yourself with long load times and just improper placement of text and photos. Luckily though, the INCITE comes with the NetFront Browser as an alternative. You’ll be greeted with a decent experience similar to what Opera Mobile provides. Viewing through complex sites is a breeze because the browser scrolls quite smoothly without too much lag. You can open up multiple window tabs as well. There is no double tap feature to zoom in or out; only providing a single zoom level with you having to manually change it through the menu options. Still, it provides users with a swift and intuitive experience over Pocket Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer - LG INCITE Review
Internet Explorer - LG INCITE Review
Internet Explorer - LG INCITE Review

Internet Explorer

NetFront - LG INCITE Review
IM Client - LG INCITE Review



IM Client

As with other Windows Mobile Professional devices, the standard mobile version of the Microsoft Office suite can be found. For travelers on the go, using AT&T Navigator will provide good turn-by-turn directions while offering plenty of local points of interests. The Incite’s IM client is powered by OZ Messenger to allow you to pick from AIM, Windows Live Messenger, or Yahoo Messenger.

The smart phone comes with 95 MB of storage memory and 78 MB of program memory. You can supplement the storage memory with microSD support for cards up to 32GB. The Incite is loaded with 128MB RAM and 246MB ROM. We found the phone running sluggish at times, especially when the accelerometer switches the view to landscape or portrait. It was especially frustrating when the device took an extremely long time to switch views after unlocking the phone.

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Battery1300 mAh, 8.7 hours talk time

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