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As we have already mentioned, the LG GW620 runs Android version 1.5, meaning you just cannot take advantage of the extra features the latest editions brought forth, say, you are not allowed to add several accounts to your contacts or email setup, there is no integrated support of Exchange server (it´s actually available through the pre-installed Moxier applications) and a quite a few other improvements. Still, LG´s personalization fixes some of the issues. Similarly to Samsung and its TouchWiz, the manufacturer is falling over backwards to popularize its S-CLASS interface by developing versions for all contemporary OS platforms. Unlike LG´s range of Windows phones, however (take a look at our preview of the GM750), the personalization pack for Android is not as similar to the software running on the feature phones of the company. Rather, we are talking about a remote resemblance relating to icons and certain functions.

So, what are the advantages of the personalization pack? Well, here is a list:

-    Four icons on the home screen that provide fast access to the dialling, contacts, messaging and main menus.
-    Set of shortcuts picked out by LG for you. Grouped by relevant categories (basic functions, multimedia, internet-based), they are useful on the overall.
-    Phone theme with funny icons. It looks great and is best suited for... kids. The icons proved to be slightly confusing to us, but other people may like them.
-    Main menu organized by categories. You can freely rearrange its elements and create new groups. All told, it´s much better than the chaos typical of the standard Android menu, but we would have liked it better if a larger part of the icons with the interface switched to landscape mode.
-    Personalized media player and gallery.

Well, there are other similar, but minor extra features like favourite contacts with pictures, buttons to turn on the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functions via the notification screen etc. The LG GW620 comes with several pre-installed programs, including Quickoffice (opens Office 2007 files without a hitch) and the Moxier applications that we have already mentioned (provide Exchange server support).

The LG GW620 runs smoothly (or there are just slight delays) no matter the active application and the handset is totally usable. Eager fans of high speed, however, would be probably disappointed to find out the cell phone is not as lighting fast as the HTC Nexus One. Not that this would be possible anyway, no matter the software, given the GW620 is equipped with a processor running at 528MHz and just 256MB of RAM.

As a whole, LG´s personalization pack caters for visuals and makes the phone much more colourful than standard Android devices. It adds almost no extra functionality and we just cannot compare it to the HTC Sense for an instance, but ordinary users would probably like it.

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