LG GW300 Review

Performance and Conclusion:

Even though the sound through a pair of decent headphones is good indeed, the in-call quality is simply appalling. Everything is loud enough on our end, but there is annoying crackling with the volume going at full blast, meaning you would have to the decrease it with at least two steps. Even then, the quality is mediocre at best. Things are rather worse on the other end of the line, voices are so quiet and unreal, that you can easily confuse the caller with somebody else.

In moderate usage scenarios with a lot of navigating around various menus and screen brightness set to maximum, the battery of the LG GW300 (900mAh) gets flat relatively fast - in about two days, which is not enough for a phone like this really. What a shame.

The LG GW300 can by no means replace your smartphone, but is a great device for anyone who prefers texting to talking and likes to have access to Facebook anytime. We are also impressed at the music playback performance of the device. Unfortunately, these are pretty much all the advantages of the GW300. If you need a device with richer functionality, say better camera or larger screen, you will need to shell out more cash. The LG GW300 is just an affordable, likeable cell phone with decent QWERTY keyboard. Good alternatives are the Samsung CorbyTXT B3210, as well as the CorbyPRO B5310, which is equipped with a touchscreen and more features.

LG GW300 Video Review:


  • Cool, youthful design
  • Decent QWERTY keyboard
  • Good audio playback quality through earphones


  • Annoying sound during calls
  • The phone browser is good for opening mobile web pages only

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