LG GS170 Review

Interface and Features:

Since this is an entry-level model, it doesn't radiate a platform that's filled with graphical eye candy, but instead resorts to a simple and straightforward one. However, we did enjoy the subtle touch ups found within the platform that add a hint of style – such as the cube like animation when jumping from the homescreen to the main menu and the smooth looking animation employed when selecting something in the main menu. Presented with a grid like view by default for the homescreen, you'll have the option of choosing a list view as well – but you won't find too much personalization with this one.

Regardless of its basic functionality, it still manages to pack PIM functions that should suffice the light users out there – such as adding appointments, tasks, and notes. However, the messaging experience sticks to only offering SMS and MMS functions – it actually skimps out on email. When composing a message, you'll have your usual input method via the keypad, but you can enable T9 mode for a quicker experience. If you're looking for apps, you'd better look elsewhere since the LG GS170 doesn't include any out of the box except for four demo games – lacking even some of those common ones found on most T-Mobile handsets.


If you happen to love paintings, then you'll probably adore the images produced by the handset's VGA camera – but seriously, it's almost unbelievable to offer the functionality when it performs so poorly. Instead of seeing any hint of detail, you'll only be dished ones that are completely muddy looking in every scenery. In low lighting situations, you can easily see some noise infiltrate your beautiful artistic looking shots – no pun intended.

Are you looking for video capture with a VGA equipped camera? Well, you'll have to look elsewhere since this feature is omitted from the device – which naturally makes sense with its budget friendly nature.

It so happens that we were even surprised to see a music player offered on this handset, but more importantly, it functions as it should with some decent tunes emitted from its speaker. Not only does the mundane looking interface get the job done as far as playing music, but tones from the speaker were reasonably audible without much distortion in higher volume levels. However, it's worth noting that you'll probably be able to carry on a couple of songs at a time since free storage is a rare commodity on the handset.

The music player was a stretch for the GS170, but the fun ends there as it lacks a video player. But who would really want to watch something on such a dismal display?

As we said, memory is extremely limited on the handset and the situation doesn't get any better since it lacks a microSD card slot. Things get pretty scarce when you're only presented with 9.8MB of free internal storage out of the box.

Data and Connectivity:

Global trotters will want to overlook the LG GS170 since it's only a dual-band (850/1900 MHz) GSM device with EDGE data speeds. So if you've got a friend from out of the country staying with you for a bit and they require a phone for simply voice calls, then this might be a solution for them. Aside from that, the only other connectivity option at your disposal is Bluetooth 2.1 to get other wireless devices connected to it. We actually used it to transfer photos from the handset to our computer – and vice versa.

In yet another stunning turn of events, the LG GS170 offers a web browser, but don't be too surprised by its inclusion. That feeling of surprise that engulfed us initially quickly dissipated into oblivion when we were hit with the “insufficient memory” message plastered on-screen. Sadly, you'll only be able to open memory conscious mobile sites – such as Google or Yahoo. You can say sayonara to anything else more than that – especially when the site includes heavy media content.



1. CooRay unregistered

In my area, the Salt Lake Valley, the call quality on this phone is quite good.

2. not_happy unregistered

man, this review is so freaking pathetic? you are reviewing this phone as if it is expected to do good browsing music and stuff... the words that you have used, just pathetic... and call quality from this phone is much much better than many other basic phones i have used... the problem is with you and your area.. not the freaking phone... come on!

3. Leo unregistered

Wow, your review is completely flawed; although the phone does suffer from lack of memory, micro usb expandable memory and video, the phone as an entry level device is excellent. It has a rubberized front case which adds to the grip, external id with date and time, a camera, very easy to dial keypad and the phone call quality is the best I've experienced, loud and clear. For $20 as a non-contract phone, this review is flawed to say the least. I have paid close to $80 for 2 year contract on a Sony Ericsson that sucked on every aspect, no tactile keypad, horrible phone call quality, dropped calls, low volume, hard to open and bulky, and slippery exterior, yet the only good thing it had was a micro usb expansion slot and it played video.

4. cowboy1921

Posts: 1; Member since: Dec 24, 2011

how much memory does the lg GS170 have

5. RyanNerd

Posts: 1; Member since: Apr 25, 2012

Pros: Cost Cons: No ability to sync anything with your PC unless you have a BT device installed. Sound quality is mediocre at best. Other than for charging the phone I'm not sure why they included a data cable. Camera is okay quality but heaven help you if you actually want to TRANSFER your photos to your computer via USB cable. No Contact sync either. I can get MP3s to the phone by sending them via email as an attachment, but you need to be careful as was mentioned you run out of available memory very quickly.
  • Camera 0.3 MP VGA
  • Battery 900 mAh(7.50h talk time)

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