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LG introduced their S-CLASS 3D interface for feature phones earlier this year with the release of the LG ARENA KM900. What we like about the interface is its beautiful face and various home screens. Still, we believe most people would like Samsung´s latest TouchWiz better – it´s faster and more user-friendly. Both Korean manufacturers seem to follow one and the same strategy when it comes to Windows Mobile and its personalization, providing personalization packs that cover almost all interface elements. From the first OMNIA handset that featured skin-deep personalization, Samsung has being improving their software gradually. The OMNIA II rolled out about a year later and is perhaps the most properly personalized handset as of now – you can hardly notice it´s Windows Mobile that powers your device. What we have found out about the GM750 so far tells us LG has aimed at the same target. Still, aside from the start menu, there are several other differences to the interface version running on feature phones of the manufacturer.

The start screen features 5 and not 4 pages as the LG ARENA KM900 does. To the ones dedicated to widgets, multimedia, favorite contacts and shortcuts has been added a new one – it tells you about upcoming, missed or recent events. Aside from notifying you of them, it also gives quick access to your call register, messages, emails, organizer (calendar, tasks, alarms) and basic settings. As a whole, the screen provides decent functionality and you will probably have no reason to leave it often.

You switch between pages by sliding a finger against the display or optical pad and this is accompanied by a nice transition effect. However, the 3D cube for easier navigation between them is missing. Instead, you´ve got the multitasking menu (the button with similar designation). Similarly to the way the menu works on the Samsung OMNIA II and the latest high-end feature handsets running TouchWiz, all active applications are visualized as cards or list (the other option on Samsung devices is grid) and you can kill one or all running tasks simultaneously.

The shortcuts at the bottom of the screen make for a nice novelty feature. All in all there are 10, but you see only 5 of them at a time and need to slide a finger to call up the other. One of them gets you to the main menu of the S-CLASS 3D interface and from there, you can access all phone functions. We wonder why LG has left the standard Windows Mobile start menu, given the S-CLASS 3D one is really comfy.

The best thing about the S-CLASS 3D interface is that most basic functions are personalized and finger-friendly. Take the phone contacts for an example – there is a slider that gets you to any letter and you can use bare fingers. But this is not all. Creating new contacts is personalized as well. The number of categories has been decreased by grouping similar types of data together, say, you can enter mobile, home, work etc. phone numbers by opening the group “Numbers”. LG has also personalized the phone calendar, alarms, messaging, email client and most of the settings.

The keyboard is intelligent and changes depending on what you do, so you don’t have letters when you need digits etc. There are two layouts – QWERTY (landscape and portrait) and standard numeric keypad. Moreover, you can rely on the handwriting recognition.


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1. mjpower4

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It would be notice to see different manufacturers providing handsets for WinMo but most producers now are seeking to encourage multimedia use and try to rival the iphone etc to some degree. Without a 3.5mm jack and no divx or xvid support there is nothing that would make me choose this over say the Omnia 2 which is a shame. I am looking at the Omnia at present but cannot get the 8gb version so probably holding out for that or may await the Storm 2 - But after the orginal Storm it would need a good run through first
  • Display 3.0" 240 x 400 pixels
  • Camera 5 MP
  • Storage 0.2 GB
  • Battery 1500 mAh

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