Performance and Conclusion:

Sound quality during a call is decent, to say the least. Incoming voices have nice loudness, but are also rather sharp and can be a bit difficult to make out at times. Outgoing quality is better. The loudness may be just a tad lower, but the monotonous voices are easy to understand, which is partly thanks to the microphone of the LG GM205, which manages to isolate all environmental noises.

The 950mAh battery managed to deliver about four days of mixed usage. This includes mainly radio listening and talk, plus a few snapshots with the camera.

The LG GM205 is a nice music phone. It has all the needed features to make your music experience complete. Things get even better when you throw in the built-in FM antenna, which makes it perfect for listening to the radio. The LG GM205 will be offered in Mexico, South America, Eastern Europe and Asia, so if you live in one of those regions and would like an affordable music handset, the LG GM205 is a good choice.

LG GM205 Video Review:


  • Built-in FM antenna
  • Cheerful looks
  • Easily accessible microSD card


  • Not very robust
  • No additional music-centric apps

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