Interface and Functionality:

There’s nothing to impress us in the software department. A simple and well-known interface to answer your most basic needs, including a calendar, standard messaging app and the usual set of organizer tools.

Let’s not waste time here and jump right to the music part. The first thing we don’t like about the music player is the fact your songs on the memory card have to reside in a specific directory (memory card\music) so you don’t see the mp3s outside it. You can still play them through the file manager though, which is a pretty dumb concept. Anyway, options you have at your disposal are shuffle, repeat, change the skin (almost no change) and apply an audio effect (Dolby Mobile or LG Equalizer).

You also have an FM radio, which is maybe the most enjoyable feature of the phone, as there is a built-in FM antenna. Searching and storing radio stations is a pretty straightforward task and as a whole the experience is flawless, that is in case you enjoy listening to the radio, of course. We do.

The sound from the 2.1 speakers is fine. One of the better we have heard. It’s powerful and doesn’t emit any crackling noises even at the highest volume. Here’s a tip: place the phone in a cup, while playing a song, the sound will get somewhat deeper and even louder! This was just a joke, of course. (But the sound does get better!)

Unfortunately, we couldn’t test the earbuds from the box, so we cannot guarantee their quality. We plugged one of our earbuds and found the sound pleasing enough, well-balanced and deep. Still, we believe this is highly dependent on the headset you will use.

As for the 2MP fixed focus camera, we can say it’s almost usable. Outdoor images tend to be short of details, but with natural colors, while indoor ones are a bit grainy, which is understandable. You won’t be making quality photographs with this camera, but it’s good enough for accidental shots.

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