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LG G2 vs HTC One


Call Quality

LG G2 vs HTC One
The LG G2 features a very loud earpiece. So loud that when you listen at maximum volume your callers voice comes with annoying crackling noises. We recommend toning it down three levels for nearly perfectly clear sound. The HTC One earpiece is also fairly loud, but callers sound a bit dry, and we’d say the G2 has better clarity.

On the other side of the line, our callers reported hearing us loud and clear on the G2. The HTC One is nearly on par here, maybe a bit muffled if we had to pick the nits.

Both devices feature noise cancellation technique that would filter side noises nicely. The HTC One has dual mics, and the LG G2 ups the ante with three microphones.


One thing we definitely like in the G2 is its large 3000mAh battery. The HTC One in comparison only has a 2300mAh juicer. This gives the G2 an edge as it would easily last you through a day of full use, and into the second, while the HTC One has a bit shorter single-charge longevity.


The HTC One has aged nicely - it still has that elusive for other Android smartphones aluminum unibody, excellent speakers and rock solid overall performance. Moreover, the HTC One has one of the nicest displays out there. Even with all these assets, though, it is no match for the LG G2.

There are a few reasons for that. First and foremost is the fact that LG G2 matches the HTC One in nearly all areas where it excels - the display is larger, sharp and vivid, the plastic unibody feels sturdy and extremely ergonomic, and with nearly zero bezel the plastic design does not feel irritating at all.

But there is more. The LG G2 has one of the best cameras we have ever seen on an Android smartphones, and with the newest powerful Snapdragon 800 system chip it beats the HTC One in both photography and performance. All in all, without ignoring all the great things about the HTC One, the G2 still gets our praise and recommendation.


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