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LG G2 vs HTC One



LG G2 camera UI - LG G2 vs HTC One
LG G2 camera UI - LG G2 vs HTC One
The LG G2 has huge plans for its camera, but so did HTC with its UltraPixel shooter. Now, we can finally see the actual images and compare the hard facts.

The G2 features a 13-megapixel main camera with optical image stabilization (OIS) and some unique features like manual focus and multiple focal points. The HTC One has a 4-megapixel camera that also supports OIS, and also has some unique functionality like Zoe and highlight reels.

First, let’s look at the camera applications. Both are very quick to start, but differ a lot. LG caters to the masses with a focus on shooting modes like Beauty shot, Macro, Panorama and so on that make capturing images very straightforward and easy to even newbie photographers. Aside from that, there are fine settings that experienced photographers can play with on both devices. You can adjust white balance, ISO, timer and filters, but there is a difference in the way you do so. In HTC’s interface everything is hidden in a long vertical list of menus and submenus, and is a struggle to find. LG on the other hand uses large, easy to find and press buttons for everything, and is extremely intuitive. Good job, LG.

Camera interface if the HTC One - LG G2 vs HTC One
Camera interface if the HTC One - LG G2 vs HTC One
Camera interface if the HTC One - LG G2 vs HTC One

Good news is that the LG G2 delivers superb image quality. Pictures are incredibly sharp and crisp, with lots of fine detail that you won’t find on the HTC One. Both devices capture lively and true to life colors in most situations, but the G2 is more consistent with its performance.

100% crops - detail - LG G2 vs HTC One

Indoors where light gets scarce, the difference between the two grows larger. The LG G2 captures much better images, preserving the life in colors, while the HTC One draws all richness from colors and delivers an unnaturally cold hue. The LG G2 flash light is not perfect (it could light up the scene more evenly), but it is stronger than the one on the HTC One and illuminates the scene better.

100% crops - color - LG G2 vs HTC One

Video recording is another win for the LG G2. Both devices support 1080p recording, but while the HTC One maxes out at 30fps, the G2 records at up to 60 frames per second. The captured footage is extremely crisp and detailed on the G2, and colors retain their liveliness. Footage from the HTC One in contrast looks dull, washed out.

The G2 is not perfect however and it skips a frame every once in a while and the rolling shutter jello-like effect when quickly moving the camera is more obvious than on the HTC One. Both phones feature optical image stabilization that works great.

The two handsets also feature 2-megapixel front facing cameras capturing 1080p video. Their main use would be for video conferencing.


With amazing displays, the LG G2 and the HTC One are great devices for enjoying videos, images and music on the go.

Both devices come with a pre-loaded video player that plays back all formats we threw at it, at even 1080p without a hitch.

LG G2 - Video players - LG G2 vs HTC One
Video players - LG G2 vs HTC One
HTC One - Video players - LG G2 vs HTC One




The two devices offer one custom music player and the stock Google music application. LG’s music player breaks down your collection by songs, albums, artists, genres, playlists and folders, and navigation is easy as you can just swipe between tabs. The HTC One also sorts your music, but it is much less intuitive to use - you have to manually tap and select tabs, it lacks swipe support and that’s inconvenient.

LG G2 - Music players - LG G2 vs HTC One
Music players - LG G2 vs HTC One
HTC One - Music players - LG G2 vs HTC One
Music players - LG G2 vs HTC One





Sound output on the LG G2 is very loud and sufficiently good for casual use. The G2 has its speakers on the bottom rather than on the back so sound is not muted when the device lays on its back, but still it lacks depth - its sound is flat as on most smartphones. The HTC One on the other hand is in a league of its own with deeper, rich stereo sound coming from the front-facing speakers.

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