4K video is the name of the game, but the OIS Plus tech G Pro 2 is a big advantage before the Note 3 camera, especially during video recordings

There are 13 MP camera units on the back of the phablets, accompanied by a single LED flash. Samsung and LG use very similar camera units – both sensors are 1/3.06” in size, with small, 1.1 micron pixels. The Note 3 features 31mm focal length and f/2.2 aperture, while the G Pro 2 unit is with 29mm length, and slower f/2.4 aperture. LG, however, put an optical image stabilization (OIS) mechanism around it, which helps avoid blurry shots in low-light, and produces steadier video footage. Not only that, but in the G Pro 2 the OIS tech got enhanced with electronic image stabilization (EIS), so LG called it OIS Plus. EIS is a solution on the processing side of things, meant to improve the stabilization results, when compared with the OIS camera on the G2, for instance. Note 3 doesn't have OIS module, but rather relies on software-only solution for its video stabilization mode.

Both phablets offer plenty of shooting modes, such as HDR or Panorama, as well as color effects, in an easy-to-operate menu. There's barely a camera option in one of the handsets, that isn't mimicked in the other, just as they are going tit-for-tat in the main interface. LG offers something new, in the form of the Magic Focus option, which takes five photos with different focusing – from macro to infinity - and lets you choose the desired level with a slider before saving, or combines them all.

Photos from the G Pro 2 came out a tad more detailed and sharper-looking than the ones from the Note 3. Both cameras have accurate measurement in most cases, delivering well-exposed, true-to-life pictures. Color representation is pretty accurate on both sides of the aisle as well.

Indoors, the performance of the two phones is also on par. The photos of the two have similar amount of detail, but the noise-reduction filter of the G Pro 2 is slightly more aggressive, delivering less noisy photos at the cost of some loss of fine detail. The optical image stabilization on LG's phone, should allow for slightly slower shutter speeds, without worrying about handshake blur. It helps in these times when you want to capture the environment's natural colors, instead of blasting the flash. Talking about flashes, LG touts its Natural Flash – each photo taken with a flash is processed by combining two photos (one with flash and one without), to offer more balanced color temperature. Think of it as HDR, but for delivering better colors. It really looks better, and more natural (less blueish), in our low light test photos, but we cannot say that the difference is huge. These photos are slightly sharper on the G Pro 2, though, which is pretty nice. Still, we wish the G Pro 2 flash was slightly more powerful and evenly distributed, as now it is not much better than the one of the Note 3.

[img full gallery3 [[153292:"LG G Pro 2",153293:"Samsung Galaxy Note 3",153294:"LG G Pro 2",153295:"Samsung Galaxy Note 3",153296:"LG G Pro 2",153297:"Samsung Galaxy Note 3",153298:"LG G Pro 2 - HDR",153299:"Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - HDR",153300:"LG G Pro 2",153301:"Samsung Galaxy Note 3",153302:"LG G Pro 2 - HDR",153303:"Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - HDR",153304:"LG G Pro 2",153305:"Samsung Galaxy Note 3",153306:"LG G Pro 2",153307:"Samsung Galaxy Note 3",153308:"LG G Pro 2",153309:"Samsung Galaxy Note 3",153310:"LG G Pro 2",153311:"Samsung Galaxy Note 3",153312:"LG G Pro 2",153313:"Samsung Galaxy Note 3",153314:"LG G Pro 2",153317:"Samsung Galaxy Note 3",153325:"LG G Pro 2",153326:"Samsung Galaxy Note 3",153327:"LG G Pro 2 - Strong light",153328:"Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - Strong light",153329:"LG G Pro 2 - Medium light",153330:"Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - Medium light",153331:"LG G Pro 2 - Low light",153332:"Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - Low light",153333:"LG G Pro 2 - Darkness",153334:"Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - Darkness"]]:"Sample Images" /]

Taking a pic Lower is better Taking an HDR pic (sec) Lower is better CamSpeed score Higher is better CamSpeed score with flash Higher is better
LG G Pro 2 4
No data
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 2.7
No data

LG's phablet has a huge advantage in video recording, as the OIS system does excellent job, compensating for even harsh hand movements. The footage looks like it is made from a tripod, even if you are walking around with the phablet, instead of standing still. Both handsets offer 4K video recording, but the G Pro 2 records it with 60fps, while the Note 3 makes do with 30fps. LG's phablet can also shoot 720p HD video with 120fps, used for slow-motion footage. The phablets shoot pretty exemplary video samples – smooth and detailed, with no visible artifacts. The G Pro 2 again underexposes the scene one notch in its recordings, while the Note 3 footage stays more in sync with the real deal scene in comparison.


Big screens are the bomb for videos buffs, and both phablets have them, but LG one-ups Note 3 in the audio department

Note 3's gallery offers split-screen view for easier navigation between folders and content, as well as plenty of built-in editing options, enhanced by the S Pen stylus' drawing and annotation abilities. G Pro 2 also offers plenty of ways to edit and add color effects to your pictures, as well as a an option to pick several photos and videos, and make an automatic collage out of them.

The music players on both handsets haven't changed for a while, in terms of the UI design, but they are highly functional, with a number of song categorization options, and plenty of equalizer presets, or sound modes. LG G Pro 2 offers a powerful 1W loudspeaker, which our tests showed to be only slightly stronger than the one on the Note 3 – 78 vs 76 dB. The headphones output on LG's phone is 0.58 volts, against 0.43 for the Note 3.

One of the huge advantages of having a phablet appears when it comes to watching videos, and both handsets don't disappoint. Video playback with the stock players lets you run most major formats in up to 1080p resolution, and the clips look gorgeous on the giant displays. LG one-ups Samsung by having a DivX licensing, while the Note 3 can't run this format with the stock player, so you have to download a 3rd party one.

Headphones output power (Volts) Higher is better
LG G Pro 2 0.58
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 0.43
Loudspeaker loudness (dB) Higher is better
LG G Pro 2 78
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 76



1. itsdeepak4u2000

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Note 3 anyday...

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Expressing your religion here is forbidden.

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I know only one... Sure others probably say something like that but with a different word

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I answered your joke with a joke, Hehe. By the way in real life we should really be respecting other religions, because it's not disturbing at all to just say Ameen and other sorts. Peace :).

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Oh I didn't get it lol. Yeh we should.

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U know what is Amen mean? Read more on it..

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Note 3 is the only way i know how to play!

3. MarkArigayo

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G Pro2 for me. I don't need lags, cheat and gimmick packed in the name of Suck Pen.

7. Millenialssux

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You may want to call it a "suck pen," and say the Note 3 is "cheat" and "gimmick" packed, but a lot of us find the S Pen and those gimmicks very useful! For that, the LG is a no go. The camera quality is awash. Different eyes can choose either one as the better shooter. Six months after the Note 3 release, there is still no phablet that can beat the Note 3 decisively.

17. MarkArigayo

Posts: 240; Member since: Dec 18, 2013

Lol. I had a note 2 and found the S-Pen completely useless. I can live without S-Pen and there was and will be nothing special with it. Lags and force stop for some apps made me realized that I was wrong, all features didn't make me surprised as advertised. That's why I say that S-Pen merely is a gimmick. Note 3 will be no difference.

22. TheGenius

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Will you please stop being so childish.? Go get urself an original note 2 .. not some knock off.. coz my note 2 never lags, barely force closes.. and s pen with hover view and quick controls is unbeatable.!

28. livyatan

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So you haven't actually used the Note 3 which makes your comment completely worthless. Btw, LG's Pro series is the most shameless copying in the history of the industry. Even Samsung doesn't even come close with its Galaxy S1

36. MarkArigayo

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Yeah, you can see how Samsung released the LITE version of Note 3, known as Note 3 Neo. Everybody knows how Samsung has been inspired by LG G Pro LITE. That the history is, my friend. INSPIRED means COPIED in out. Lol.

37. Millenialssux

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Everybody knows? According to who? Oh, and let me add the annoying Lols! Lol! Lol! Oh, did I mention Lol again?

49. taz89

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Seriously lol, everybody knows LG has been pretty much been following samsung, s view Cover, multi view, phablets, I can go on and on

61. refillable

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Note 3's got obviously more productivity potential compared to the G Pro 2 and the reason for that is the accurate and the non gimmicky stylus, and that's just it. Yes it is a big deal. Almost everyone will agree with me. Regarding that guy that 'always crash' in a note 2, he must be doing something terribly wrong. However, your statement 'Most shameless copying in the history and didn't came close with a the S1' is completely showing your childish attitude and some degree of fanboyism. These two aren't needed in the tech world. We need constructive crititism, not fanboyism or childiness. So kindly stop it.

53. bigdawg23

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I have had all three Notes and #3 is by far the best with Air Commands, I have no lag with my Note 2 or 3. I travel for work and my job get easier with the S-Pen. Reviews of the Note 3 give it top grades on performance. Magically the Gimminck is what always sets it self apart from the rest. Also the Gimmick is what started the phablet craze and why LG, HTC, Nokia and others create 5" + screens. Also before you attack as a fanboy I have a Nokia 1020, iPhone 5 and my Note 3. I had the S4 and didn't like it for lag and battery life. My Note 3 is much smoother. Also for the camera on either phone doesn't matter because I have a Lumia 1020.

63. TechieXP1969

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If the Note didn't work for you, then actually that means sucks for YOU. It works perfect for thise who like it. If you didn't need a stylus, why you buy a phone with one? I love to draw. When sitting idle while doing laundry or watching tv, I sis and doodle some pretty nice pieces of artwork while chillin. Maybe this dosnt appeal to you. To each its own. Certainly doesn't make it a gimmick. The whole point of the Note is the ability to be a note-taking device, thus its desoign and applications are designed around the pen and so is the hardware. You who squarely miss the point just didn't get it. Again, SUCKS FOR YOU! Does the Note 3 have gimmicky features? Sure. But for $650 compared to an Phone, I rather have them, then not. As far as your claimed lag. The device isn't the laggy. The animation transitions are set a bit high. I turned them off. The downside to doing that is it takes .5 secs fot the phone to switch to another app. The transition last .5 secs to compensate for it so when you open the app it apps when the transition is over. All computer devices have a .5 sec of time from click to see. For people to call it lag shows stupidity and ignorance. No matter how fast your PC is, when you click an icon it still takes secs for the application to appear. Why would a phone be any different.

46. Neo_Huang

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Well, the time of the Oppo Find 7 approaches...

8. williamdroid

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Spoken by someone who's never even used a Note 3. Mine runs perfectly. Even after rooting and installing a custom ROM its still running smoothly. Anyways, OnScreen buttons and lack of the amazing S Pen kill the G Pro 2 for me. Its a close 2nd though since it is a beast :)

30. PhenomFaz

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You sir, are full of crap!

66. iTechies

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whatever you say. even today. there's no other phones out there is as productive as my note 3. and the difference of the s pen between the note 2 and 3 has lots of difference or features, i mean the note 3's s pen has lots of capabilities compare to note 2's s pen. and dont try to say that g pro 2 is better because the only advantage of that phone is that it has a bigger screen which is too big. no one can beat the note 3 even that sucker G pro 2!

68. coolcool

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excuse me. how old are u. your comment look like grade7

5. hafini_27

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I prefer the G2's design though both are awesome.

6. Achilis

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I don't understand why phonearena gets only 360nits peak brightness level on their Note 3.Which setting you are using while you test.Because if you keep it in auto mode it is incredibly bright.Brighter than 580 nits of iphone 5s. Please read this from who conducts very detailed review of displays. (Impressive Brightness Up until the Galaxy Note 3, OLED displays have been somewhat to significantly dimmer than competing LCD displays. The Note 3 has changed that in a big way…it’s an impressive 55 percent brighter than the Note II and a solid 25 percent brighter than the Galaxy S4. For most image content it provides over 400 cd/m2, comparable or higher than most LCD displays in this size class. Even more impressive is that when Automatic Brightness is turned on, the Note 3 hits an incredible 660 cd/m2 in high ambient light, where it’s needed (85 percent brighter than the Note II and 40 percent brighter than the Galaxy S4 with Automatic Brightness) – the brightest mobile display we have ever tested in the Shoot-Out series. An impressive achievement for OLEDs!) For those who are unaware 1 cd/m2 = 1nit Those who have doubts just Google Displaymate Note3

29. livyatan

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PA's display testing is a joke. How come the contrast turns out "immeasurable" if you have the minimum and maximum brightness values??? The Note 3 has zero minimum brightness..its black color is a pitch black darkness

45. JMartin22

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They should stop commenting on, and testing displays quite frankly.

51. Bioload25

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Bro,the *unmesurable value only happens with OLED-based screen tech,because the sub-pixels can actually be turned off individually,so the blacks ARE blacks. That means that you can't put a value to the contrast because here,the blacks are numerically infinite. It has nothing to do with the brightness values because blacks are always infinitely black. The difference between it and the white color is infinite in every test. Dont be such a dumbass ignorant.

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