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LG G Flex vs Nokia Lumia 1520


LG G Flex vs Nokia Lumia 1520
Call Quality

We’re going to have to go with the LG G Flex when it comes to call quality, even more when it hits high marks in all relevant categories – such as volume output, clarity, and speakerphone quality. With the Lumia 1520, it’s nothing more than average, though, its earpiece is rather tepid with its quality.


Under our real world experience, they offer outstanding battery life that’ll provide even those demanding power users with an all-day battery life – with no worries about having to replenish throughout the day.


Innovative is something that’s profound with the LG G Flex, obviously, seeing that it’s showcasing many new technological feats we haven’t seen before in a commercialized way. People will absolutely be intrigued by its curved design, which is uncanny at first, but it truly shows the direction the industry will be moving towards in the very near future. At its core, it’s a fantastic offering that will blow away friends and colleague – but there’s a price to pay for something so special.

Ultimately, the G Flex’s import cost of $940 will make people think long and hard about the investment, which is a hefty one to say the least. Well, that’s not a problem for the Nokia Lumia 1520, since it’s sporting a lower $585 off-contract price through AT&T at the moment. Better yet, its on-contract price of $100 right from the get-go makes it very difficult to pass up on. Whatever the choice, Nokia’s current pride and joy definitely proves the point that it has a whole lot of bang for the buck.

Throw in the fact that it’s a high-spec’d in every category, combined with an impressive camera in the rear, the only thing that’s really holding the Lumia 1520 back is arguably Windows Phone 8, which we might add, is continually being enhanced and improved with each iteration. Yeah, the customized Android experience of the G Flex adheres to the needs of serious power users, but the decision to side with it is made most difficult by its expensive cost. Then again, it’s stuffed with some next-gen features, which justifies things a bit.


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posted on 20 Dec 2013, 05:31 7

1. itsdeepak4u2000 (Posts: 3718; Member since: 03 Nov 2012)

1520 for me.

posted on 20 Dec 2013, 07:20 1

5. ihavenoname (Posts: 1693; Member since: 18 Aug 2013)

I'm not fan of either, but if I really had to choose, I'd go with 1520 because of hardware and camera, though I'm not WP liker at all. Also I think that the color of Gflex looks awful.

posted on 20 Dec 2013, 05:58 6

2. lalalaman (Posts: 637; Member since: 19 Aug 2013)

No comparison in terms of camera, battery, screen and UI...1520 wins here...g flex fought hard here though bt the price is too damn high

posted on 20 Dec 2013, 07:22 1

6. ihavenoname (Posts: 1693; Member since: 18 Aug 2013)

Agreed, LG software is not nice looking at all (but you can replace it with rooting, though that is definitely not everyone's cup of tea).

posted on 20 Dec 2013, 06:15 4

3. MarkArigayo (Posts: 240; Member since: 18 Dec 2013)

Vote for LG G2.

posted on 20 Dec 2013, 06:16 4

4. MarkArigayo (Posts: 240; Member since: 18 Dec 2013)

Sorry, I meant G Flex. Absolutely.

posted on 20 Dec 2013, 07:23 4

7. rodneyej1 (Posts: 3576; Member since: 06 Jul 2013)

The 1520 wins for me because of the awesome hardware, and the awesome WP8 software... Win-win situation. The 1520 is the perfect device for me...

posted on 20 Dec 2013, 08:52 2

9. SleepingOz (unregistered)

Awesome WP8? hahaha nice one!

posted on 20 Dec 2013, 11:13 3

13. Bilpocalypse (Posts: 301; Member since: 13 Oct 2012)

Is it so hard to understand why people would prefer WP8 to Android? Android has more customization and multitasking, and a select few features that I would love to see in WP8, but it is not without it's flaws... such as clutter, lag, and fragmentation (to name a few). Android is fantastic, but some of us prefer the more organized straightforward approach offered by WP8.

posted on 20 Dec 2013, 13:02 2

16. ihavenoname (Posts: 1693; Member since: 18 Aug 2013)

Android doesn't have serious lag anymore. And you are right. WP8 and iOS are good for people who just want their OS simple and to just work like clockwork. No OS is for best or perfect.

posted on 20 Dec 2013, 13:40 4

17. Bilpocalypse (Posts: 301; Member since: 13 Oct 2012)

While not necessarily serious, there is still lag. How much lag depends on your device and what is running on it. Some devices still lag pretty bad (like the Galaxy Mega).

posted on 20 Dec 2013, 21:43 2

23. taikucing (unregistered)

bloatwares & UI skin of Galaxy Mega makes it lag.

posted on 21 Dec 2013, 05:41

25. Berzerk000 (Posts: 4275; Member since: 26 Jun 2011)

Stock Android devices generally don't lag. If they do, it's not nearly as noticeable or often as devices with an OEM skin.

posted on 24 Dec 2013, 09:32

31. Bilpocalypse (Posts: 301; Member since: 13 Oct 2012)

The only stock Android device that I've noticed no lag on is the G2... and I imagine it does once you start installing new apps. As for the claim that bloatware & UI cause the lag, that is mostly true. However, most phone sold nowadays have bloatware and the UI of the manufacturer. It doesn't deter me from getting Android phones, but my daily driver is still WP8.

posted on 13 Jan 2014, 18:34

38. sniper1087 (Posts: 531; Member since: 31 Dec 2011)

I have used a lot of phones, and I mean a lot iphone 5S, nexus 5, note 3, lumia 1020, lumia 1520, moto x and even bb 10 devices, the worst lag experienced was out of the high end devices without a doubt the note 3, the samsung UI downright sucks, and there are claims saying even the S5 will have the same one, best experience is hard to choose, android has the best experience on the moto x, loud speakers and great performance and ok battery, screen is ok, also voice commands, active display, and moto assist. iphone 5S simple but combines features from ios and google, and yes people might hate on apple, but you can do things like make reservations to a restaurant from your phone, and that I think is a unique feature, and of course google voice and good apps. the nokia lumia 1520 is a behemoth, but display is amazing, the live tiles work really well with the 3 rows, videos, just a joy to watch on, battery runs for a couple of days, great camera, and is lacking some of the apps and voice commands, everything else works well. There are features for everybody, windows 8.1 might change how we look at things, hopefully things get more interesting, like to see WP8 become even bigger.

posted on 22 Dec 2013, 15:29

26. rodneyej1 (Posts: 3576; Member since: 06 Jul 2013)

Yep❕.. I use it everyday and it's awesome.. It's the best smartphone experience I've ever had.. You don't agree.. Who gives a f***❔

posted on 20 Dec 2013, 08:16 2

8. sergiobr (Posts: 713; Member since: 25 Feb 2013)

Android for me , anytime ! LG G Flex

posted on 20 Dec 2013, 08:54 1

10. SleepingOz (unregistered)

None of them, there're better offers out there; G2, Note 3, Z1..

posted on 20 Dec 2013, 09:42

11. amirlukmanhisyam (Posts: 44; Member since: 26 Jun 2012)

How about the sound for the video recording?

posted on 22 Dec 2013, 15:37 1

27. rodneyej1 (Posts: 3576; Member since: 06 Jul 2013)

The 1520 has not 2 HAAC microphones like the 920, not 3 like the 1020, but 4 total HAAC rich recording mics.. Now, with 2 HAACRRM on the 920,, the 920 has better sound capturing quality than the LG.. How good do you think the 1520 is compared to the Flex❔

posted on 20 Dec 2013, 11:01

12. jellmoo (Posts: 1997; Member since: 31 Oct 2011)

The Ars review of the G Flex has all the information needed as to why you should stay well clear of the device. The 1520 wins by default, but I still don't see any particular reason for it to exist as the flagship WP device.

Until somebody can make a phablet that has the productivity value of the Note series, the phablet world remains a one horse race.

posted on 20 Dec 2013, 11:18 1

14. Bilpocalypse (Posts: 301; Member since: 13 Oct 2012)

I disagree. The only "real" advantage that the Note 3 has over the 1520 is true multitasking. One could also argue that, while it is a great feature, it isn't necessarily needed on a phone.

posted on 20 Dec 2013, 11:37

15. jellmoo (Posts: 1997; Member since: 31 Oct 2011)

The S Pen is pretty much the cream of the crop when it comes to actual productivity. Multitasking is a perk, sure, but it's the benefit of that S Pen that places the Note series on the top of the pile.

posted on 20 Dec 2013, 14:12 1

18. Bilpocalypse (Posts: 301; Member since: 13 Oct 2012)

IMO, the S Pen is a gimmick. It has some cool features, but it gives no advantage from a productivity standpoint that I've noticed. In no way am I saying the 1520 is a better phone. I think they are both great, in their own way. It all comes down to preference and I personally prefer the Lumia 1520.

posted on 20 Dec 2013, 14:46 1

19. jellmoo (Posts: 1997; Member since: 31 Oct 2011)

Maybe it's a matter of having used it, but the S Pen does an awful lot for productivity in my opinion. The ability to jot down very quick notes in a meeting or add annotations to things is brilliant.

If the 1520 had such a feature I would give it the nod in a heartbeat. My issue with the device though is that it is large just for the sake of being large. The extra size doesn't actually add much in the way of feature set.

posted on 20 Dec 2013, 16:28

20. papss (unregistered)

I think the s pen only matters to some users. I had a note 3 and the s pen was only usable in certain moments but i found that i used it less and less over a short period of time. Great overall phone but android isnt my cup of tea.. even went to a g2 and while its also great i still want my wp8 device back... so long story short ive now ordered my l1520..

posted on 20 Dec 2013, 16:59

21. jellmoo (Posts: 1997; Member since: 31 Oct 2011)

Absolutely no doubt. Different strokes for different folks. Even though I'm using a Moto X right now, WP has a place in my heart and I'll definitely be back to it.

I just wish that the 1520 had additional features that took advantage of the size. Even something as simple as the large tile size being larger and going across the entire screen would be nice.

posted on 20 Dec 2013, 17:04

22. Bilpocalypse (Posts: 301; Member since: 13 Oct 2012)

Its not just large for the sake of being large though. Unlike it's Android cousin's, the 1520 actually makes use of the extra screen space. Instead of making everything bigger (which would be counterproductive), they gave me an extra column to pin more stuff. Basically, I have one tap access to everything that I need without any need for scrolling. While that is a different approach than adding a stylus, it is no less effective.

posted on 27 Dec 2013, 07:38

34. snowgator (Posts: 3604; Member since: 19 Jan 2011)

In no way is the S-Pen a gimmick, any more then "Rooms" or Kids Corner" in WP are gimmicks. It is a feature that works excellently to those that use them, and is unimportant to those that do not. The S-Pen is a productivity tool that absolutely works to the advantage of Note owners.

I do get a little tired of reviewers beating people over the head with it as a reason to cross off other devices in it's class, but it is a unique advantage Samsung has applied well to it's series.

posted on 22 Dec 2013, 15:40

28. rodneyej1 (Posts: 3576; Member since: 06 Jul 2013)

And, its just waist of battery power.. I've never needed to multitask like this on a smartphone.. On the other side WP could be a little more powerful on the multitasking side when it comes to video playback.. That's about it,, otherwise WP is great❕

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