LG G Flex vs Nokia Lumia 1520



These aren’t afraid to tell people that they’re serious at taking photos, since they’re outfitted with some number crushing cameras. Specifically, it’s a 13-megapixel auto-focus camera in the G Flex, and an even higher count 20-megapixel PureView camera in the Lumia 1520.

We’ve talked in great detail about their camera apps before, but we’ll simply say that we like how the Lumia 1520 presents us with a very camera-like interface with its manual controls – allowing us to even adjust focus, which is a rarity in itself. On the flip side, the G Flex dishes out nearly the same amount of manual controls, save for its more menu driven interface, but it astounds us for its wealth of shooting modes. Not only that, but we appreciate how we can easily take selfies using the rear camera, thanks to the aid of its facial recognition feature. Essentially, the biggest draw here is just how the Lumia 1520’s higher resolution 19-megapixel samples uncover just a smidgen more details than its rival. Under lower lighting conditions, the G Flex manages to compose images that are a little brighter, due to its longer exposure, but the compromise is made in having hazier looking photos. Taking all of that into consideration, Nokia’s new toy gets the checkered flag in this category.

However, when it comes to shooting 1080p videos, we absolutely prefer the G Flex – more so when it has that flowy 60 FPS capture rate. Best of all, it just has a sharper look than its rival. Underwhelming is what best describes the quality of the Lumia 1520, which can shoot at 24, 25, or 30 FPS, but the subdued look of its results don’t do justice in capturing our attention.


Going with a more modern style with its music player, we prefer the presentation value that accompanies the Lumia 1520 – whereas it looks and feels rather ordinary with the G Flex’s music player. Holding them in our hands, there’s more of a commanding presence with the Lumia 1520’s internal speaker. Place them flat on their backs on a level surface, though, the G Flex’s output is amplified to the point that it matches the powerful and robust tones of its highly esteemed competitor.

Flaunting big screens and all, they provide anyone with an ideal video watching experience, especially when they can play a variety of codecs out of the box. Visually, there’s a lot to like from the experience – like their smooth playbacks and iridescent glows. Still, it’s worth pointing out that there’s a nifty multi-tasking aspect that allows us to continue watching a video while doing something else with the G Flex.
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