The Fusic is not only capable of sending and receiving text messages, but also pictures, video, and voice SMS.  Sending a text message is simple to use with T9 input.  When typing in a word, the phone automatically give you a list of words based on the letters entered.  It will also try to predict the next word you are going to type.  For example, when you type in “How”, the phone will place the word “are” next to it, which would make “How are”.  It is predicating that you are going to enter “How are you doing today”.  It is a nice feature, but it can't always predict the next word that you are going to use.  That is not a problem because as soon as you start entering the correct word, the one that it predicted will be replaced. 

Sending a picture message works in the same way as a text message except for the fact that you can attach a picture from either the phones memory or from the MicroSD card.  Picture messages can be sent to other capable SprintPCS phones or to any E-Mail address. 
VoiceSMS messaging allows you to record a voice message and send it to any capable SprintPCS phone or E-Mail address.  VoiceSMS messaging is a convenient feature when you want to send a person a voice message without having to call them.
The Fusic also comes with the major Instant Messaging (IM) programs built-in.  You can use AOL, MSN, and Yahoo.  I was able to use it with AOL IM (AIM) without any problems.  It woks like sending a text message except it goes to people on your Buddy List.  When they send you a message, it will display on your phones screen.


Bluetooth is also a useful tool that is part of the Fusic.  The Fusic uses Bluetooth version 1.1 and supports these profiles: HSP, HFP, DUN, OPP, A2DP (stereo), BPP, and FTP.  You can store up to 20 BT pairings.  When using a BT earpiece in conjunction with VoiceCommand, the only time you need to look at your phone is to see the CallerID when receiving a call.  You can also use BT to send files from a computer to be stored on the phone.

There is a standard WAP 2.0 browser, which allows you access to pre-selected WAP sites, or you can enter your own WAP site.  You can browse to normal HTTP web sites, but the phone is limited to only displaying text and small pictures.  Trying to view a large picture-intense HTTP web site will cause an error message. WAP sites load fast thanks to EVDO.  A standard WAP page (AOL, Yahoo) will load in under 10 seconds.  A normal HTTP page will take longer depending on the size.  Since the Fusic is not a SmartPhone, it has to use a WAP browser instead of standard HTTP browser.  It would be nice if HTTP browsers could be incorporated into non-SmartPhones.  Overall, the Fusic's WAP browser is easy to use and works well, despite it's limited capability.

Music can be downloaded via the Sprint Music Store; powered by Groove Mobile.  You can browse by genre or do a search by artist or title.  You can listen to a 30 second preview clip of each song before purchasing.  Each song cost $2.50+tax and includes a version to download to your phone and to your computer.  Once a song is downloaded to the phone, it is recommended that you back-up the file to your computer in case it is deleted from the phone.



1. kevin unregistered

i love the Fm trans on this phone and even though sprint is now giving them away with a contract i would stay away from it ive had two of them and the buttons didnt work right on either phone from day one

2. GeekMovement unregistered

I cut the different templates in half and mix-n-match before, but this phone tend to drop calls a lot for me, so I stopped using it. The design is fine, felt a little cheap, but looked pretty nice.
  • Display 176 x 220 pixels
  • Camera 1.3 MP
  • Storage 0.0235 GB
  • Battery 1000 mAh(4.50h talk time)

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